XRI Support

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Support for the Oasis XRI (Extensible Resource Identifiers) effort. This includes resolvers and client libraries for XRIs in multiple languages and multiple platforms. See http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/xri




Related Projects


The goal of this project is to provide open source tools and utilities compliant with the XRI specifications at http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/xri/

Xry - / 個人プロジェクト


FoXRI - Firefox Extension for XRI

A firefox extension that resolves an eXtensible Resource Identifier (XRI) and renders the eXtensible Resource Descriptor Set (XRDS) document in a human-friendly interface.

I-services - Open Source I-Services Implementation for INames

An open source implementation of the I-Services as required by the XDIORG INames I-Services specifications at http://iss.xdi.org

Object-binding-source - .NET Component that offers nested property binding and manages the PropertyC

ObjectBindingSource .NET Component derived from BindingSource that offers nested property binding and manages the PropertyChanged events of nested objects. It's possible to select the nested properties in design time exploring the browsable properties of the type of the BindingSource. Supports controls that can present, and optionally edit, both flat data (containing a single set of rows and columns) as well as hierarchical data. An example of that kind of controls is the Infragistics UltraGrid

ruby-xri - An XRI wrapper for Ruby

An XRI wrapper for Ruby

xri - An XRI Perl library.

An XRI Perl library.

XRI - Release history of XRI

Release history of XRI