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This is an extension of the classic FizzBuzz problem.




Related Projects

Vxref - xref for vim

Provides code refactoring and browsing support for vim using the xref tool. Features include: code browsing works with :VXpush and :VXpop commands code completion works with Ctrl-X Ctrl-U in insert mode The important limitations are: the free version of xref parses only C and Java and not C++ the plugin assumes a unix environment requiring the following standard utilities: mkfifo - to make pipes /tmp directory refactoring is not implemented, might be implemented in the future. The downloads sect

Pct - ANT tasks for OpenEdge

PCT is a set of Ant tasks to compile Progress Openedge code using XREF as well as dealing with databases schemas or working with procedures libraries.

Guava-reflection - Guava Reflection - an extension for Google Guava

A Guava-based reflection library, meant to seamlessly integrate with Google Guava The Goal is to provide a more user-friendly API to reflection and bean properties, and to create reflection-backed implementations of standard Guava interfaces like Supplier<T> and Function<I, O> Here are some links from the Maven Site of the current version (0.1.3-SNAPSHOT): JavaDocs Cobertura Test Coverage Source XREF


Set of Ant tasks to compile Progress code using XREF, dump/load Progress databases, and so on. Source code and releases can now be found at https://code.google.com/p/pct/

Padthai - Single web page wiki with easy knowledge management features.

Overview PadThai is a Notepad for the Web. It uses a Wiki, the beginnings of a Knowledge Management Bible, and other built in tools (like a a [Trash] Can) to manage everything. It is also my favorite food. The Thai part comes from how the Thai language is written, i.e. stacks of smaller "visual pieces" to create a word. More on that later - see PadThai_Big_Idea User Description PadThai is a single page web wiki that serves as the core of an automated technical document information management. Di

Gwittir - Adding sparkle to GWT

GwittirThe purpose of this project is to provide a set of code generators, scaffolding, utilities, and a basic MVC framework for use with Google Web Toolkit based applications. Getting StartedPlease see the Wiki Documentation for information about getting started, and more. Specifically, a nice place to begin is The Gwittir Way. If you have questions please utilize the Users Group. Also, Chris Fong wrote a great intro article on GWTSite.com. To use Gwittir you need to inherit at least 3 modules

BizTalk Database lookup functoid with caching feature

Nor the out-of-the-box Database lookup functiod or the XRef functoid come with any caching capabilities, which might produce a tremendous amount database traffic, and eventually cause transformations to run poorly. If you are repeatedly executing similar queries you might gain on

Idanchor - Adds hyperlinks to HTML files generated by IDA Pro

It can often be useful to export disassembled data from IDA Pro to an HTML file, but unfortunately it is difficult to browse IDA's exported HTML data as it does not contain any hyperlinks to ease navigation. IDAnchor is an IDAPython script that generates an IDA HTML file and adds anchor tags and hyperlinks to code xrefs in order to ease navigation. Additionally, it adds a function table listing, similar to that in IDA, to make it easy to jump directly to a given function.

Fuwjin - Fuwjin Suite

The Fuwjin Suite is a collection of tools designed to enable rich communication between developers and users. The central product behind the Fuwjin Suite is Chessur, a Java implementation of the language Grin. Grin is a scripting language designed to be simple yet robust, surprisingly efficient in both time and space. Chessur is built on the advanced reflection package Dinah. In addition the Fuwjin Suite contains a set of experimental projects in the experimental branch. The maven generated site

exrefcheck - Frontend to xref.

Frontend to xref.