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XRay is a 100% pure Java GUI-enhanced tool for transparent monitoring and logging of all HTTP messages that transpire between your web browser and an arbitrary host.




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libsaxsdocument, libsaxsimage and saxsview; read, convert and view 1D and 2D-files related to Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS).

Spectromicroscopy - Data analysis tool for spectromicroscopy

SpectromicroscopySpectromicroscopy combines spectral data with microscopy, where typical datasets consist of a stack of microscopic images taken across an energy range. Due to the data complexity, manual analysis can be time consuming and inefficient, whereas multivariate analysis tools not only reduce the time needed but also can uncover hidden trends in the data. MantisMANTiS is Multivariate ANalysis Tool for Spectromicroscopy developed in Python. It uses principal component analysis and clust

Tools for SAXS Simulation

A family of programs for building coarse-grained models (eg. of macromolecules), manipulating them (geometrical transformations and more) and calculating their X-ray scattering patterns (1D and 2D too). Uses PVM for parallelization.

Ipl - An open source C library for digital image filtering, enhancement and analysis

IPLIPL (Image Processing Library) is a collection of C routines for digital image processing, providing algorithms for image filtering, enhancement and segmentation, motion analysis and features detection. IPL is developed and maintained by Andrea Gagliardi La Gala. ApplicabilityIPL's objective is to support research in a variety of domains and industries, including: Medical Imaging (enhancement of Gamma-Ray, X-Ray, Magnetic Resonances and ultrasound images, such as bone and CT scans) Astronomic

Blitz-xray - Open Source Flash Debugger for Flash & Flex, ActionScript 1, 2, 3

Xray is a snapshot viewer of the current state of your Flash project without impacting the performance or the file size of your application.

Prestopronto - Software for analysis of Quick Exafs and Dispersive XAFS data

The software PRESTOPRONTO (from Italian “soon ready�) consist to a full GUI EXAFS program aimed to the analysis large data sets. It is a free open source software. The main benefit of the code is to allows to the experimentalist to follow in real time the evolution of the QEXAFS or X-ray Dispersive experiments. The code is formed by executable: Prestopronto.exe and PCA_GUI. The former is in charge to read big dataset from QEXAFS and DISPERSIVE beamlines, apply calibration and alignment corre

Medicalrecordsdatabase - This project is a web-based application and database of Medical Records

This project is for the partial fulfillment of the requirements in CMSC 128. A Medical Records Database using PHP/MySQL/Javascript. Each patient's information is added with a consultation and consultation information like fecalysys,urinalysis,blood chemistry, etc. I.Medical Records: Complete blood count (Text) Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, RBC, WBC, Differential count Blood chemistry (Text) Fasting blood glucose, Random blood glucose, Creatinine, Lipid profile, Uric acid, SGTP, SGOT, Alkaline Phosphat

Shadow3 - shadow x-ray tracing code version 3

shadow x-ray tracing code version 3 See: repository at: http://forge.epn-campus.eu/projects/shadow3 binaries at: http://ftp.esrf.fr/pub/scisoft/shadow3/ paper 1 at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1107/S0909049511026306 paper 2 at: http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/12.893433 press release at: http://gpuscience.com/articles/shadow3-api-the-application-programming-interface-for-the-ray-tracing-code-shadow/

Mantismc - Monte carlo x-rAy electroN opTical Imaging Simulation

NEWS: hybridMANTIS (v.1.0) is now available for download!!! The source codes and associated documentation is available at http://code.google.com/p/hybridmantis/.Project SummaryMANTIS (Monte carlo x-rAy electroN opTical Imaging Simulation) is a tool for simulating imaging systems that tracks x-rays, electrons and optical photons in arbitrary materials and complex geometries. The code MANTIS is the intimate combination of two codes: PENELOPE (an x-ray/electron Monte Carlo transport code) and DETEC

Osflash-xray - Open Source Flash Debugger for AS2/AS3/Flex1.5/Flex2

Xray (The AdminTool) is a “snapshot viewer� of the current state of your Flash application without impacting the performance or the file size of your application. Xray’s true nature is to look into the very guts of the Flash application and disolve the 2d myth you see on screen to a 3D tangible entity you can truly crawl through. Note: “object� in this list might mean a literal Object, textField, class, button, sound object, video object etc) View physical parent/child relationships of