NewLife XProxy ???????

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XProxy is a basal proxy assembly that supports plug-in.You can create multifarious proxy by design simple plug-ins. XProxy??????????????????????????????????????????? XProxy???????????????????????????????????NAT??????????????????????????? ??????????????????????XProxy????????...



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Cosc480-compiler-project - Seans' Compiler project for COSC 480, SMCM

Core project for Alan Jamieson's Compiler Design class, COSC 480, at SMCM. This particular project is the work of Sean Ross and Sean Goerling.

Pgcg - procedually generated collectible game

A more describtive description will follow shortly. For now just look at the links. This is based on an idea by Sean Howard

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Various projects by Sean

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Casts from the awesome guy Sean "Day9" Plott. Please send me feedback and ideas with features you want to see! ---

Tourney - Tournament RPG being created by 1 group (Rawle, Ben, & Sean) for COSC 480 in Fall of 2

Tournament RPG being created by 1 group (Rawle, Ben, & Sean) for COSC 480 (Game Design in Fall of 2009. Milestone 1 - Sept. 29th Milestone 2 - Oct. 29th Milestone 3 - Nov. 24th Team Reviews - Dec. 3rd Expo - Dec. 9th

Jme3-atmosphere-scattering - Realtime atmosphere scattering (Sean O'Neil's shaders running i

This project is a small prototype that integrates Sean O'Neils GLSL shaders in a jme3 example project, using the jme3 material system. I had to play a bit with the shader code to make it work on my nvidia 9600GT, so it is not exactly the same as the original.

Plex-php-framework - PHP Framework

Plex is a php framework that tries to be very easy on the frontend and very organized on the backend


Sixport is the C# port of the hexter DSSI software synthesizer plugin created by Sean Bolton and others. hexter is an open source emulation of the legendary Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. Changes done: OOP structure, algorithm specific rendering, LADSPA removal, speed improvements.

Gapidrawnet - GapiDraw API for C#

GapiDrawNet is an updated version of the GapiDraw.NET library that aims to provide full support for GapiDraw 4.0 and above. The original author of GapiDraw.NET is Sean Cross of Source IT Software Ltd.

Micro-crawl - Dungeon crawling for short attention spans

Micro-Crawl will be an RPG featuring short, procedurally created dungeons. It is heavily inspired by Sean Howard's "Tiny Crawl" concept, but is a more directly controlled experience. This project has recently been revived and will be reworked using Panda3D. More info to come...