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Xpose - an S/R based population PK/PD model building aid for NONMEM.




Related Projects

Ruby-nexpose - Ruby library which consumes and exposes the Rapid7 NeXpose API

The NeXpose web front end for the Rapid7 network vulnerability scanner enables some level of control and interaction via the API. For those that use the NeXpose platform the API can be used for integration to other applications and useful data export/import. This project is intended to make this widely available for Rubists.

Netbaker-android - TCP server creator

NetBaker is a general TCP server creator for Android. It is derived from the famous WebXpose Server. Create your own TCP server! This program is licensed under LGPL V3 and allows you to create proprietary software too! The onli thing you must do is to mention us in your app: "This software uses NetBaker (c) 2011 by The Code Bakers - http://www.thecodebakers.org"

XposedMods - Modifications using the Xposed framework

Modifications using the Xposed framework

xpas - eXPose Assembler

eXPose Assembler

xpvm - eXPose Virtual Machine

eXPose Virtual Machine


A modification using the Xposed framework to change settings like density per app.


Xposed module to stop email application asking for device administrator rights

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