XPlanner IntelliJIDEA plugin

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IDEA plugin for xplanner




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Smack-my-test-up - A unit testing presentation framework in Ajax

This is a project to make an exciting presentation framework for the online presentation of unit tests based off of XML output. The idea is that as long as the XML is provided it doesn't matter what language the unit tests are done in as long as it serves up the correctly formatted XML. At the momment we're focusing on simpletest for PHP with the aim of making the tester platform independent. Also I love unit testing, unit testing rocks. Lets make it cooler for the kids to do. Lets all get them

Stad - Support Tool Agile Development & Project Life Cycle Software

IntroductionBug tracking, Issue tracking, Change management, Support & Help desk, Agile, Project management, Time registration, LDAP STAD is a powerfull, easy-to-use, web-based collaboration tool that powers Agile software development processes as well as classic processes like Waterfall. A tool to help companies track (IT-related) business issues, and manage the development of their software through existing methodologies. It is the tool that is setup towards the methodology in place, not the m