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XPlanner is a web-based project planning and tracking tool for agile development teams (XP, Scrum, ...). XPlanner is implemented using Java, JSP, and Struts, Hibernate and MySQL. More info at http://xplanner.org and http://xplanner.codehaus.org




Related Projects

Flexplanner - XPlanner on Flex

FleXPlanner is a modified version of XPlanner (http://xplanner.org) using Adobe Flex as a frontend instead of the traditional JSP.

Xpplanner - Port XPlanner on PHP5.

Porting XPlanner (htp://xplanner.org) on PHP5 using CodeIgniter framework.

Perl-xplanner - Perl-based interface to XPlanners SOAP API

XPlanner provides a SOAP interface. This is a Perl-based wrapper around that interface that makes it easier for Perl developers to work with XPlanner through web services.

Snakeplan - Open source agile project management

A replacement for xplanner that might not suck once we actually get a version out there.

Xtreg - XPlanner Time Registration

Provides time-tracking reports out of the XPlanner database. Can be used for billing and project management. Quick Start1. Install xtreg: easy_install -U http://xtreg.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/#egg=xtreg-dev2. Make a config file: paster make-config xtreg config.ini3. Edit the config file - set the URL to XPlanner database 4. Setup the application: paster setup-app config.ini5. Start xtreg: paster serve config.ini6. Open http://localhost:5000/ in browser.


XPlanner+ is a web-based project planning and tracking tool.

Cardwall - Interactive online card wall application

When using scrum or xp techniques in projects with people on different locations - its can be a problem visualizing the current status of the project. This project tries to create an online cardwall that can be used in the daily statusmeeting. Projectmembers can all edit the cards and everybody gets instant visual updates. The system integrates with the tool XPlanner. I would like to thank Lakeside A/S for making this project possible.

Smack-my-test-up - A unit testing presentation framework in Ajax

This is a project to make an exciting presentation framework for the online presentation of unit tests based off of XML output. The idea is that as long as the XML is provided it doesn't matter what language the unit tests are done in as long as it serves up the correctly formatted XML. At the momment we're focusing on simpletest for PHP with the aim of making the tester platform independent. Also I love unit testing, unit testing rocks. Lets make it cooler for the kids to do. Lets all get them

XPlanner IntelliJIDEA plugin

IDEA plugin for xplanner

Glasgow-green-map - A 'Green Map' implementation using the Google Maps API

We are developing a web based 'Green Map' for Glasgow, Scotland. The Green Map initiative aims to help people develop eco-friendly maps, both paper- and web-based, to help people make the the best use of the reuse facilities in their city. There is already a paper-based Glasgow green map in production and we aim to leverage it with this addition community resource. The online map will be a system relying on the Google Maps API (though the code will make this interchangeable with other online map