XPath Explorer

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XPath Explorer (XPE) is a GUI application that lets you interactively experiment with XPath. Given an xpath and URL (to an HTML or XML document), it displays matching nodes and their values. This makes it easy to play with and debug your XPath expression




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XPE (neXtgen Povray Editor) is a modern editor for povray. It includes many advanced features to help you in your scene development process.

T20-xpe - Used to extract XPe firmware packages for Compaq Evo T20.

Small project for people who are interested in running linux on their T20s. T20s running XP Embedded are not yet able to run Linux, and this is the first step in getting it done! At the time of writing, a firmware extractor/packer was only available for NTe and Win CE. I was inspired by the 'bundle-tools' package, and decided to write a new extractor but one that could extract XPe firmware packages this time. Keep in mind that I am not liable for any damage done to your Evo when flashing a repac

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WSSG is developed by wssg team @ ICL/ITRI, it is a high-performance software solution for Web Services Security Control & Management, it consists of: ICL VTD-XML Parser, which is originally from VTD-XML parser Wirtely API Support, which prevents parsing the whole document for every single write operation XPE(XPath Processing Engine) Schema Validation & Grammer Pool WS-Security Profile Implementation based on ICL VTD-XML Parser Lighttpd Reverse Proxy plugin Security Policy Wizard & Management Con

xpe - Travel Information website. Indonesian style

Travel Information website. Indonesian style