eXtensible Protocol Data Library (XPDL)

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XPDL, a C++ library, facilitates the creation of efficient, easy-to-use solutions for sending and receiving complex program data over a network and does so fully within the scope of Standard C++, making heavy use of template metaprogramming.




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JPEd is a graphical editor for processes descriptions. It uses the XPDL 1.0 interchange format as specified by the WfMC.

Yaoqiang XPDL Editor

Yaoqiang XPDL Editor (YXE) is a graphical editor for workflow process definitions, compliant with WfMC specifications( XPDL 2.1 and 1.0 )

Bpmve-xpdl-library - Serializable C# class library for XPDL 2.1.

The main idea of this project is to create a serializable class library that can accommodate all notations in XPDL 2.1 file. This project contains 2 different parts: BPMVE_XPDL_Library project contains all data structures (classes and attributes) needed to accommodate a XPDL 2.1 diagram. BPMVE_XPDL_Library_UnitTest contains all unit testings, currently there are 233 test cases that test the serialization and deserialization equality of BPMVE_XPDL_Library. API folder contains a zipped version of

Sketchpad BPMN

Sketchpad is a tool for drawing and editing BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) diagrams. Sketchpad process models are serialized and stored as XPDL 2.1 files. Sketchpad was originally developed by Global 360 as Process Modeler Analyst Edition.

Application-develop-framework - Application Develop Framework

Is a brain new framework for developing application. The system is build width PHP language, but support plugins of the different language, like python, Java, bash script and other. The functionality is defined by a constructor, width XPDL and a model of the prosses in de organitation.

Jsflowengine - simple modular javascript workflow engine

jsflowengineSimple javascript workflow engine for dinamic driven client aplicattions, design and create browser execution runtime and modular libraries stack.

Xpdlvalidator - A Web App that validates XPDL files.

A web application that examines XPDL files and reports its conformance to the XPDL schema and its internal self consistency.

Erlflow - lightweight Erlang based workflow engine with REST interface

Erlflow provides an erlang based document-workflow engine for ease integration with web 2.0 applications through the REST interface provided. Activities, task, documents, are coordinated through Erlflow engine. CouchDB is used for document management and persistence.

Open Business Engine

The Open Business Engine is a Java workflow engine implementing Workflow Management Coalition Open Standards (WfMC: XPDL, WAPI, Auditing). Highly modular and configurable, it suits J2EE or embedded deployment. Supports integration via Web Services etc.

BPeX: Business Processes in XML

BPeX is a new XML-Schema model (based upon BPMN OMG specifications and XPDL 2.0) that aims to give a valid support to represent and to analyze business processes, with a graphical support provided by a syntax-aided editor.