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PHPortal is a 100% PHP TTW (Through-the-Web) application builder. PHPortal helps you easily, quickly, securely; build, create, and maintain a large number of websites under a single Object umbrella. PHPortal is the PHP Portal Application Builder



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Xmlpagecontroller - PHP classes for transformation XML document in to HTML or Plain text data.

XML Page ControllerIntroduction.XML Page Controller (XPC) - This is a library for PHP main purpose of which is to transform XML document into another type of text document on a particular set of rules in the library. For example XML document can be transformed into an HTML page. Requirements.Web server with PHP version 4 or 5. Where can I use?Can be used in large and small web projects. Features.Use XML documents with special markings. Using variables, conditions and enumirations in the configur

XPC Development Suite

XPC: A set of quot;Cross Platform C/C++quot; projects, a framework for basic software development. Includes a unit-test library (C), a C++ wrapper for it, and a utility library (C). Includes extensive design/tutorial documentation and Debian support.


XPC simplified for Cocoa. Deal with NS* objects instead of xpc_object_t.

Dp55xx - Intel DP55SB/KG MB's DSDT optimizations for using with Mac OS X

Preparing Intel Motherboards for loading Mac OS X with XPC/iBoot/Chameleon bootloaders

Happy2 - Happy /Harvest 2

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XPC - Release history of XPC

Release history of XPC

XPC-API - Obj-C XPC Wrapper

Obj-C XPC Wrapper

PingPong - Login Item & XPC exemple

Login Item & XPC exemple

XPC-Calc - The world's worst RPN calculator, powered by XPC and Haskell

The world's worst RPN calculator, powered by XPC and Haskell


Convert a few types of Objective-C objects (see the readme) to and from XPC objects.