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xpad is a sticky pad, or quot;post-itquot; note, system for X. It creates GTK-powered pads in which you can write handy notes to yourself. These customizable pads are saved and loaded transparently.




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Rubygoo - A GUI library for use with rubygame.

A GUI library for use with rubygame. Sample code: require 'rubygems'$: << './lib'$: << File.dirname(__FILE__)require 'rubygoo'require 'rubygame'include Rubygameinclude Rubygooif $0 == __FILE__ screen = Screen.new [600,480] screen.show_cursor = false factory = AdapterFactory.new render_adapter = factory.renderer_for :rubygame, screen icon = Surface.load File.dirname(__FILE__) + "/icon.png" app = App.new :renderer => renderer label = Label.new "click the button to set the time", :x=>20, :y=>30 but

Python-sao - Python interface for the SAO developed projects, such as XPA,DS9 &amp; Funtools

This project is aimed to provide a python interface for some programs developed by Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory(SAO). One of the main goal is to communicate with ds9 from python shell via the XPA protocol. It provides a python wrapper for subset of XPA library and python module for ds9 based on the XPA module. >>> import pysao# run new instance of ds9>>> ds9 = pysao.ds9()>>> import numpy>>> im = numpy.reshape(numpy.arange(100), (10, 10))# display 2-d array>>> ds9.view(im)>>> import pyfi

Xpad-rockband - RockBand instrument support for xpad kernel module for linux

Adding the device settings for RockBand (Harmonix) Guitar and drums to the linux kernel module xpad. Userspace Xbox Driver: http://pingus.seul.org/~grumbel/xboxdrv/ Xbox Kernel Driver file : http://xbox-linux.cvs.sourceforge.net/*checkout*/xbox-linux/kernel-2.6/drivers/usb/input/xpad.c Xbox Kernel Driver Howto : http://gentoo-wiki.com/HOWTO_Xbox_360_controller_on_Linux

Painless-gridbag - A tiny utility makes GridBagLayout easy-to-use ever

Release noteshttp://code.google.com/p/painless-gridbag/source/browse/trunk/painless-gridbag/release-notes.txt Have you ever felt totally gridbag? Lets see how the life changes with this utility: Your layout code is now like following PainlessGridBag gbl = new PainlessGridBag(getContentPane(), false); gbl.row().cell(lblFirstName).cell(txtFirstName).fillX() .cell(lblFamilyName).cell(txtFamilyName).fillX(); gbl.row().cell(lblAddress).cellXRemainder(txtAddress).fillX(); gbl.doneAndPushEverythingToTo


A fork of xpad sticky desktop notes

steamos-xpad-dkms - Packaging repository for Valve patched xpad dkms driver

Packaging repository for Valve patched xpad dkms driver

pyxpad - Data analysis tool, intended to replace the XPAD tool used to view IDAM data

Data analysis tool, intended to replace the XPAD tool used to view IDAM data

XPad - Love2D input helper classes.

Love2D input helper classes.