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XPA: Xml Processing for Antlr




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Python-sao - Python interface for the SAO developed projects, such as XPA,DS9 & Funtools

This project is aimed to provide a python interface for some programs developed by Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory(SAO). One of the main goal is to communicate with ds9 from python shell via the XPA protocol. It provides a python wrapper for subset of XPA library and python module for ds9 based on the XPA module. >>> import pysao# run new instance of ds9>>> ds9 = pysao.ds9()>>> import numpy>>> im = numpy.reshape(numpy.arange(100), (10, 10))# display 2-d array>>> ds9.view(im)>>> import pyfi


PyXPA is a Python interface to the XPA library (http://hea-www.harvard.edu/RD/xpa/ developed by the SAO/HEAD Ramp;D Group (http://hea-www.harvard.edu/RD/)).

Avr-gameboy-cam - Capture Game Boy camera images with AVR and PC

SummaryCode for an AVR microcontroller to interface with a Game Boy Camera, pull images, and send over serial to a Java applet on a PC for display. Applet also controls camera settings. Tested on Ardweeny (ATmega328P) and PC running XP Getting StartedArduino CodeUse Arduino IDE to create a new project called gbcam_arduino and close Arduino IDE. Use a standalone Subversion client to checkout the Arduino code into your gbcam_arduino directory Reopen Arduino IDE and you should be able to edit the g

Mpgames - Emulator/Gaming plugin for MediaPortal Frontend

A plugin designed to interface MediaPortal for easy launching of games wether they be windows native games, or emulated games. Supports pretty pictures, and a useful ROM database. NOTE: Current downloads are not really working. They are available for VERY early testing. Download the main ZIP file first, If you want to test the Daemon Tools / Xpadder options, download the dll only file as well, and over-write the one in the extracted files to try these too. (Have only just added and dont have Xpa

IPC-XPA - Release history of IPC-XPA

Release history of IPC-XPA

pysao - python wrapper of sao XPA library

python wrapper of sao XPA library

xpa - Public fork of XPA 2.1.14

Public fork of XPA 2.1.14


OS for AVR CPU in /// A1018s phone

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