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xorg-edit is a graphical interface for editing xorg configuration files the easy way. Most features and options understood by the Xserver can be modified or created.




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Vmdialer - A tool to simplify use of the Virgin Mobile/Verizon USB760 usb dongle in linux

VMDialerVMDialer is used to do the following things with the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go/Verizon Wireless Novatel USB760 under Linux: Automate the switch from mass storage mode to modem mode. Automate the driver load and loading of the dialer. VMDialer is an applet written in python 2.6 and PyGTK with glade. News:Tested in linux mint 9 todayWell, I needed to use my own app again in Linux Mint 9 KDE as their network manager doesn't seem to work with the usb760. Luckily the app still works in pytho

Archassistant - ArchAssistant is a systray docking app that lets you have quick access to various ad

ABOUT: ArchAssistant is a systray docking app that lets you have quick access to various administration aspects of the Arch Linux distro. The main feature is a gui for the Arch's network profiles system (using the netcfg command line), which is very useful for laptop users. FEATURES: - quick access to the main system files (ie rc.conf, profile, pacman.conf, xorg.conf ...) via a built-in simple text editor. - netcfg2 front-end : quite complete gui for the Arch's network profile system. You can co

Vncbox - VNC Box: run a VNC server from within a jail

VNC Box runs the x11vnc VNC server on the nested X server Xephyr and runs applications in a jail as an unprivileged user. To set up the jail, using Jailkit is suggested. VNC Box is written in C++ using gtkmm. VNC Box is not yet feature-complete but is functional. Contributers are welcome! FeaturesImproved security of the VNC service by launching applications in a jail. Automatic creation of Xauthority entries for both the current user and the jail user. Automatic creation of UPnP port mappings f