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XOOPS Cube Legacy ThemesThe main goal of XOOPS Cube Legacy Theme repository is to create new themes based on CSS Frameworks and Wanikoo's themes contribution. But also contribute to design a common Graphical User Interface (templates set, stylesheet, icons) for XCL v.2.2 Philosophical"Learn everything you can.Try everything that comes along.Look at everything there is to see.Search, experiment, make mistakes, fail, stand up.Turn religious, turn conservative, turn radical.And then forget all about it and find your way to create."About the XOOPS CubeXOOPS Cube is an Open Source Web Application Platform, empowering everyone to create dynamic and content rich websites with ease. It is highly compatible with XOOPS, allowing users to implement and enjoy their favourite XOOPS modules (have to be at least 2.0.7 compliant), while using the new and improved Object Oriented Web Application Platform - XOOPS Cube. XOOPS Cube is the ideal tool for developing small to large community websites, intranet portals, corporate websites, web blogs, or what ever you need - XOOPS Cube will help you set up your site in no time. All you need is a server (e.g., Apache) that has PHP and a database (e.g. MySQL) installed. What's the difference between XOOPS and XOOPS Cube?XOOPS, like other Nuke derivatives such as PHP-Nuke, is labeled a Content Management System (CMS), which can be extended with modules. Users can add or change certain functions by selecting modules that meet their needs. Though it is less flexible if a user needs to customize authentication functions, web accessibility, and the like. XOOPS Cube enables you to build your website with greater flexibility. It is not just a CMS, but a Web Application Platform. This allows you to design your own CMS to suit all your needs. The User Interface and User Experience are greater and easy to customize. XOOPS Cube Project releases a Package Legacy to ensure compatibility with old Xoops2. Main functions of the old nuke XOOPS System module are placed into their own modules, such as account management and private messages. Thanks to Cube new code, you can easily replace or extend these modules. With XOOPS Cube you can chose or develop your own template engine (e.g. Smarty). The core of XOOPS Cube is simple and small, offering only the minimum of needed functionality. XOOPS and XOOPS Cube are therefore very different from each other. Never the less, you are still able to use modules and themes made for XOOPS, as we have implemented a bridge which allows the system to work with legacy classes. Step into the arena, embrace the new development, and join us with your current resources! Simple, Secure, Scalable (3S) - Concept of the XOOPS CubeSimple Simple core Making some functions in the core into modules and classes. Core without any unused functions hogging valuable resources. Avoiding overlaps of code in scripts. Secure : Various groups and enterprises may use XOOPS Cube with out having to worry too much. Token system (one time ticket) to secure the system. Clean and efficient code to secure and extend the system. Scalable : A highly customizable and configurable CMS for all kinds of websites Enhanced object oriented code and architecture. Plain and efficient code simplifying further development. XOOPS Cube Legacy Genealogy-Aiming to become the most sophisticated of all Nukes!- Xoopserver - Portable WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP)Thanks to the portable WAMP compilation made by Mikhail. It is possible to download and install the portable Xoopserver and run a local server from a drive or usb key to experiment and enjoy XOOPS Cube Legacy - simple, secure, scalable.




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