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Now we moved to https://github.com/xoopscube XOOPS Cube is an Open Source Web Application Platform, empowering webmasters to create dynamic and content rich websites with ease. The XOOPS Cube Project is friendly managed, developed and supported by a volunteer group with a multidisciplinary focus to provide a variety of different perspectives and ideas to consider in further development and design. XOOPS Cube Legacy is a Simple, Secure and Scalable content management solution to strengthen everyone's social network, share the essential knowledge and the understanding necessary to encourage creativity. XOOPS Cube moved to GitHub You can find Legacy 2.2.1 here: https://github.com/xoopscube




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Making a distributional package for XoopsCube Project.

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XOOPS Cube distribution modules some packages

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This project purpose is releasing XOOPS modules.

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XOOPS Cube module project. Modules and themes that operates by XOOPS Cube are developed.

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Xoosla - Xoosla is a new content management system (based on Xoops) which gives the user the power a

Xoosla is a new content management system (based on Xoops) that allows you the user, to easily create, maintain and manage your website or online application without the need of editing php. Xoosla will be released under LGPL.


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