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XNA game engine




Related Projects

Motoball - students project for creating a 3D XNA-Game

Two Paddles try to hit a Ball that way the other player doesn't reach the Ball until it's out.


This is an Asteroids clone developed with XNA Framework from Microsoft in C#. Asteroids is an classic arcade computer game from the end of the 80s. Aim of the game is to destroy as much asteroids as possible.


3D space games based on the Axiom Engine.

XNAnimation Library

XNAnimation is a skeletal animation library for XNA. This library allows developers to easly manipulate, playback, interpolate and blend animations.

River Raid X

A clone of the classic Atari 2600 arcade game, River Raid. Uses XNA 4.0 and Neat game engine (http://neat.codeplex.com)


XNAGameFeatures Project XNAGameFeatures is a XNA 4.0 library which permit to create and manage a XNA game easily. The project is separate in five part : BasicGame library Widget library Shapes library Input library Features library Each part is thinking to offer ...

Xnagame1 - Our first xna game

Asteroid XAzzmodious IntroductionThis project is one that I do when ever time I go to a new language or new graphics API. Since, XNA is relatively new to me and I have put down my coder's sword quite some time ago, I feel it is time to do it again. Asteroid X is a 2.5D version of the old classic arcade game; Asteroids. 3D models will be used for the game assets. Powerups will be added for weapons and armor upgrades. Lets see how this version goes. AccomplishmentsNext StepsGame PlayShip Game Obje

Tank-commander - 2D multiplayer tank game built on the XNA 3.1 game library

Tank Commander is a real time, 2D tank fighting game. You command a tank thrown into the middle of a warzone where your only friends are quick wits and cannon shells. Navigating around barriers and obstacles, you drive your tank while simultaneously controlling the firing turret. You target an opponent in sight, fire a shell, and watch them explode in a furious ball of fire.