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Library for handling xmpp with python. Written with jabberd2 in mind so it uses DISCO for browsing, privacy rules sets for invisible presence, SASL for authentication, TLS for security and so on...




Related Projects

Joker-bot - Jabber Bot written in Python using XMPPPY library

Jabber Bot written in Python using XMPPPY (based on Talisman)

Yukibot - Jabber bot

Yuki-bot is a new jabber bot written with Python and xmpppy library.

Python-microblast - Post to microblogging/messaging sites

One post -> many sites. Currently supports Twitter (via JSON API) and Identi.ca (via XMPP) simultaneous posting. Dependancy on XMPPpy - http://xmpppy.sourceforge.net/

Xmppsms - Sender sms on jabber

The script of jabber bot which sends sms on transport mrim.jabber.ru using xmpp protocol

Osiris-bot - Jabber Bot

Jabber bot for roster with rss/atom feeds, translate and multi-jid control features based on xmpppy library Support conferences: isida@conference.jabber.ru | support@conference.isida-bot.com Suggestions and bugs post at Issues Project support: YandexMoney: 41001384336826 | WMZ: Z392970180590 | WMR: R378494692310 | WME: E164241657651 (c) 2oo9-2o12 Disabler Production LabAratory

Sabbot - Jabber Bot to control SABnzbd

SABbot is a Jabber Bot to control SABnzbd. It is written in Python and uses jabberbot and xmpppy Requirementsxmpppy jabberbot (included) Implemented Featuresdisplay status informations add nzb by url pause/resume set speed limit Planned Featuresadd nzb by sending the file to the jabber bot more commands deamon mode

Sonny4pacman - Sonny is a robot that can be controlled via GTalk and Fetion

Sonny is a robot that can be controlled via GTalk and Fetion. It can be used to send scheduled sms via Fetion protocol. Currently, I use it to send weather forecast to my colleges everyday. By sending an sms to Sonny, my colleges can also initialize queries for weather information of cities in China. Sonny depends on PyFetion, xmpppy, pydns. I have included a version of each of them. But you can also replace them with newer version. This project has been supported by the PACMAN team in Tsinghua