xmpp4js: javascript xmpp/jabber library

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An object-oriented XMPP/Jabber client library for Javascript.




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Emite - Let's make gwt apps chat each other!

We are moving to github!!https://github.com/EmiteGWT A GWT XMPP (jabber, instant messaging protocol) library. 0.5.0 releasedChanges in this release: GWT 2.0 Ready Basic search functionality Status in room occupants This library implements the xmpp communications protocol using the bosh technique with gwt. It also handles the xmpp Instant Messaging protocol but has a modular architecture to support any other kind of communications. stable, pure java (no js), portable library ready, full featured

Soashable - javascript multi-protocol IM

An Open Source instant messaging client, built on the Xmpp4Js (Jabber) library. It communicates with an XMPP server using XEP-0124/XEP-0206 HTTP Binding, and provides end-user functionality comparable to (but is in no way affiliated with) Meebo.

Heroes4gg - Set of javascript libraries for XMPP and RPC communication overriding same-origin policy

HEROES4GG is a JavaScript set of libraries designed to allow gadgets to share functionality with other gadgets. This library uses XMPP4JS library to allow communication between gadgets using XMPP protocol and RPC4XMPP library for RPC protocol. HEROES4GG can also be used on HTML pages with javascript. NOTICE: for GG use greasemonkey script insertxmpp in Downloads or Source

strophejs-roster-plugin - A port of the roster from xmpp4js to strophejs

A port of the roster from xmpp4js to strophejs


An XMPP/BOSH library written in Javascript. NOTE: this project is long abandoned. I recommend using StropheJS instead; if you are interested in maintaining it please feel free to fork and I'll point people there.