Extended Module Player

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xmp is a module player for Unix-like systems that plays over 90 mainstream and obscure module formats from Amiga, Atari, Acorn, Apple IIgs and PC, including Protracker (MOD), Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker II (XM) and Impulse Tracker (IT) files.




Related Projects

digiKam - Advanced Digital Photo Management

digiKam is an advanced digital photo management application for KDE, which makes importing and organizing digital photos a snap. The photos can be organized in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by custom collections. It provides support to add tag, comment to your images.

faint - The Face Annotation Interface

Java framework for face detection and face recognition based on different plugin and filter types. Includes Eigenfaces in pure Java, OpenCV detection via JNI, integration of the Betaface.com Web Service, skin color filter, Adobe XMP Export and a nice GUI

Geeqie Image Viewer

Geeqie is a lightweight image viewer. It was forked from GQview. The development is focused on features for photo collection maintenance: raw format, Exif/IPTC/XMP metadata and integration with programs like UFraw, ImageMagick, Gimp, gPhoto or ExifTo The current development can be found on Gitouris (https://gitorious.org/geeqie)

Metadata Extractor - Extracts EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata from image files

metadata-extractor is a straightforward Java library for reading metadata from image files. The library understands several formats of metadata, many of which may be present in a single image. With that metadata object, you can iterate or query the various tag values that were read from the image.


Open-source and cross-platform picture manager and organizer with complete meta information support: add, edit, search and remove XMP, IPTC, EXIF and JPEG Comment. It also offers batch conversion/renaming of images and lossless rotation and cropping.

Xmplib - Read Write XMP

Scope of this library is to manipulate xmp into JPEG files

Xmpnet - .NET Adobe XMP API

This is a .NET port of the Java implementation of Adobe XMP SDK.

Pyxmp - PyXmp

An open-source library python that handle the XMP metadata in miscellaneous files type.

Python-xmp-toolkit - Python XMP Toolkit - a python library for reading, writing and manipulating XMP

Python XMP Toolkit is a library for working with XMP metadata, as well as reading/writing XMP metadata stored in many different file formats. Python XMP Toolkit is wrapping Exempi (using ctypes), a C/C++ XMP library based on Adobe XMP Toolkit, ensuring that future updates to the XMP standard are easily incorporated into the library with a minimum amount of work. Python XMP Toolkit has been developed by: ESA/Hubble - European Space Agency ESO - European Southern Observatory CRS4 - Centre for Adva

Xmpy - XMPy exposes a python interface to Adobe's XMP SDK.

XMPy provides a python API that mimics that provided by Adobe's XMP SDK. XMPy was built with Xcode 3.2.1 on Snow Leopard. To build, it requires: XMP-Toolkit-SDK-5.1.2 Boost Python Version 1.42.0 XMPy exposes to python the API provided by Adobe's XMP Toolkit SDK from xmp import *SXMPFiles.Initialize()SXMPMeta.Initialize()files = SXMPFiles()files.OpenFile('test.jpg', kXMP_UnknownFile, kXMPFiles_OpenForUpdate)t = files.GetXMP()meta = t[0] if t else SXMPMeta()keywords = ['not', 'so', 'easy']meta.Del