XMMS Autoplay Plugin

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XMMS-Autoplay is a small plugin for the X-Window multimedia player XMMS. It enables XMMS to start playing automatically either at the beginning or at a random position of the playlist and can resume the previous XMMS session.




Related Projects

XMMS Morestate/Autoplay

XMMS Morestate restores ESD volume, song time, and playing/paused status. XMMS Autoplay starts playing on XMMS-Start either at the beginning of the playlist, at a random position or at the position the last XMMS-Session stopped.

Xmms-Lumi : Auto-Play of new files

This xmms plugin automatically plays new files. That means that you give the plugin a directory to watch, and if new files are added to this directory, xmms-lumi smartly plays them. Useful for leechers (using P2P clients like lopster for example ;) ).