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xmms-applet is a gnome2 panel applet to control basic functionality for xmms.




Related Projects


gramophone is tiny gnome applet to play music files by external engines. I don't like xmms the giant.


WindowMaker dock applet that displays album covers for songs being played by XMMS. You must already have images of the album covers stored near the file being played. WMAlbum provides a handy circular menu for play/skip/etc, and can replace wmxmms.

Lyricplayer - automatically fetch the lyrics and display it for many players in mang forms

LyricPlayer could use many players as backend which take form of plugins in the LyricPlayer, currently xmms2 is supported, and fetches lyrics or subtitle file from internet or somewhere else which can be programmed by plugins, and support man UIs, which could also be added in the form of plugins, cli, ncurses, gtk,gtk-osd and gnome-applet UI are in the plan. implemented now: lyrics auto search, manual search and auto save karaoke style lyric rolling media meta info GB code auto convert support x

gxmms - GNOME panel applet to control XMMS

GNOME panel applet to control XMMS