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XMMS is an audioplayer for X.




Related Projects


Freeverb3 includes many types of high quality reverbs, impulse response convolution reverbs, hard/soft compressor/limiter and many types of filters. XMMS/BMP/audacious/VST plugins are available.

Nosefart (NES sound format player)

Nosefart plays NSF (NES sound format) files so you can listen to those old tunes without actually having to play the games. It runs in Linux, DOS/Windows, and as a plugin to various players, including Winamp and XMMS. It was mostly written by Matt Co

XMMS Jack audio plugin

XMMS/BMP audio output plugin for the jack audio server(http://jackit.sourceforge.net).

Audacious DVB Input Plugin

An Audacious input plugin that enables Audacious to play and record audio streams from a DVB-S/-T/-C Adapter. audacious-dvb is based on Christian Motz's XMMS DVB Input Plugin.


Radio automation software. Starting from media files manages broadcasting over a radio-station. The main components are: Player, Scheduler and WEB user interface. Developed with Python, Django, Xmms it works in an production environment

Future Composer audio player

An audio player library and plug-ins for Audacious, GStreamer, XMMS, or BMP, which can decode Future Composer music files from AMIGA. Two key features that have been implemented are songlength detection and forward/backward seek.

XMMS OggCaster

An XMMS plugin that allows streaming of Ogg Vorbis audio to icecast2 servers.

libXosd and xmms plugin

XOSD displays text on your screen, sounds simple right? The difference is it is unmanaged and shaped, so it appears transparent. This gives the effect of an On Screen Display, like your TV/VCR etc. Comes with an XMMS plugin.


Current Track plugin will update your Gaim/Pidgin user info, available message or away message, and buddy icon from iTunes, Winamp, RealPlayer, WMP, Musicmatch, MediaMonkey, XMPlay, Yahoo! amp; Foobar2000 in Windows and XMMS, Rhythmbox, amp; Amarok in Linux.

xmms multiband compressor plugin

xmms-mbc is a multi-band audio compression plugin for xmms. The aim of this plugin is to produce a quot;loudquot; sound, similar to AM radio.