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Java API for XML writing, using a simple java.io.Writer pattern




Related Projects

Plist Writer

Fast and customisable tool for creation Apple's plist document. Control serialization with attributes. Create xml tree from objects or use XmlWriter like methods.

Python xmlprinter

xmlprinter is a simple, lightweight module to help write out XML documents, helping ensure proper quoting and balanced tags. The idea is grabbed from Perl's XML::Writer module.

Twintsam - The Web Is Not Tag Soup Any More

Initially aiming for .NET 2.0 (C#) based HTML5 parser/tokenizer and serializer implementations. The parser/tokenizer is a System.Xml.XmlReader subclass, while serializers are available as both System.Xml.XmlWriter and System.Web.UI.HtmlWriter subclasses. The code is not usable yet. Later improvements might include CSS and/or feed (Atom and RSS) support.

Xswi - XML stream writer for iOS

OverviewThe XSWI project hosts a simple, standalone XML stream writer for iOS implemented in Objective-C. As such, it can be used for iPhone, iPad and iPod apps. BackgroundThe project is inspired by the kXML and StAX serializers from the Java world. FeaturesThe most important features are Well-formed XML output Simple setup and usage Namespace support Low memory footprint UsageUsage is straightforward: // allocate serializerXMLWriter* xmlWriter = [[XMLWriter alloc]init];// start writing XML elem

Pst-parser - Counts the number of message objects in PST files

Parses the node BTREE and block BTREE structures from Unicode .pst files. Places output in XML. Counts the number of message objects in a PST file, useful for triage purposes. Usage is btree-parse.pl <pst file> You will need Perl installed, and the CPAN module XML::Writer.

Xml-rpc-php - Its a fork of the Incuito XML RPC library. Using XmlWriter, php5 concepts

The Incuito XML RPC works just fine but it uses strings and php4isms. Just upgrading it to php5

Osjava - Open Source Java components

A small community of open-source Java(tm) components. Projects: charlotte - A bit format utility. jardiff - Visualizes API differences between two different versions of a Java project. MudClient - Swing mudclient for the Elephant MUD norbert - robots.txt parser oscube - Simple-JNDI based framework. payload - Self-extracting jar creator. SimpleJNDI - In-memory JNDI implementation. scraping–engine - oscube based website scraping framework. trail-taglib - Breadcrumbs JSP tag library. Tig-Threads


XMLWriter , very simple

XML-Writer - mad experiment with XML::Writer

mad experiment with XML::Writer

XML-XMLWriter - Release history of XML-XMLWriter

Release history of XML-XMLWriter