xml handling tools

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The xml tool project provides developers functions that uses the libxml2 library. It provides an easy way to input and output configurations from/to xml files and handlers to deal with small or big xml databases.




Related Projects

Pyxmltools - A set of small XML tools for use at the command-line and in shell scripts

xmlTools consists of a series of similar scripts that can be used to manipulate and extract data from XML from the command-line or in shell scripts. They are in python and use the lxml library.

Xmltool - XML tool to manage XML documents through a Fluent Interface

XML Tool OverviewXMLTool is a very simple Java library to be able to do all sorts of common operations with an XML document. As a Java developer, I often end up writing the always the same code for processing XML, transforming, ... So i decided to put all in a very easy to use class using the Fluent Interface pattern to facilitate XML manipulations. XMLTag tag = XMLDoc.newDocument(false) .addDefaultNamespace("http://www.w3.org/2002/06/xhtml2/") .addNamespace("wicket", "http://wicket.sourceforge.

Mycila - Mycila code base

MycilaMycilaJDK Logging Per WebappMycila EventMycila JMXMaven License PluginMycila UJDMycila GuiceMycila Testing FrameworkMycila LoggerMaven Deployer GUIXML ToolMycila Plugin FrameworkEvolution - Participate JDK Logging Per Webapphttp://code.mycila.com/wiki/JdkLoggingPerWebapp Enables the JDK Logging system to be used per web application so that webapps can log to their own log files. Really small and easy to use ! Mycila Eventhttp://code.mycila.com/wiki/MycilaEvent Mycila Event is a new powerfu

Xml-tool - An XML/JSON/XSL workbench

XmlToolXmlTool is a simple XML viewer and workbench for related technologies. Its purpose is to aid development of xpath, XSL, and JSON. Requires Java

Esutil - A variety of python utilities, with a focus on numerical data analysis.

This python packages includes a wide variety of utilities, focused primarily on numerical python, statistics, and file input/output. News2012-04-27: Tagged version 0.5.1 Release Notes 2012-01-15: Tagged version 0.5.0 2012-01-15: The comoving volume returned by the cosmology class is now for the whole sky, whereas previously it was per steradian. To get the old behavior, divide by 4*pi older news. Click here to view a full list of changes Getting the codeTo use stable versions, get one of the dow

Mathieucarbou - Repository of libraries and projects

This project is used mainly to host and describe all projects and libraries i develop and also to provide access to maven dependencies. See also: wicket-contrib log4j-contrib xmltool mycila maven-license-plugin maven 2 repo gluonj contrib (svn repo) DSL reflexion

Narval - Python XMLTools

Python XMLTools

xml - xml.tool: the xml version of json.tool (pretty print xml in python)

xml.tool: the xml version of json.tool (pretty print xml in python)

xmltool - various xml file manipulations

various xml file manipulations