XML-RPC debugger

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A graphical client for manually querying XML-RPC web services, with an intuitive function-like syntax. All XML-RPC types understood.




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Lokad-debug - HTTP proxy to facilitate debugging of Web Services (REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, ....)

The purpose of Lokad.Debug is to facilitate the debugging of 3rd party apps interacting with web services. Lokad.Debug acts as a proxy and logger facilitating forensics and debugging. Lokad.Debug is a stateless ASP.NET MVC app designed for Windows Azure.

Xmlrpc-silverlight - XML-RPC for Silverlight

Please note that the dicussion group has been changed. The links on this page connect to the new group. Please use the new group for any new discussions. The older group can still be accessed here. Basic and minimal XML-RPC processing for silverlight. Issue XML-RPC calls and receive event notifications when the calls complete. XML-RPC for Silverlight also includes features for easier processing of responses and fault detection. For suggestions, feedbacks and error reports, please consider postin

Xmlrpc-test - A HTML/AJAX based Test-Tool for XMLRPC-Interfaces

xmlrpc-test-tool...is a web-based tool, which provides a frontend for testing a xmlrpc-interface. Online-Demo on tomhost.de DescriptionIt HTML/CSS/JS/AJAX-technologies for the frontend and PHP as backend. Current Verson0.5.2 (29.10.2010) siehe history for changes Featuressimple, fast and intuitive html/ajax-interface supports an unlimited number of parameters supports all xmlrpc-compatible interfaces can receive all list with all xmlrpc-methods provied by server (if supported) RequirementsPHP-In

Easyrest - a php rest client and server implementation

What is the Easyrest? Easyrest is a REST framework that contains client and server implementations.Easyrest uses a lot of pear packages and i think people will easily understand how it works.Using the pear libraries is not a disadvantage because of you don't have to install required pear libraries, easyrest can work from its own custom pear directory. It uses HTTP Request,Xml_serializer and Xml_Unserializer classes and It has a easy structural data transfer unlike XML-RPC. Advantages of Easyrest

Mukhtiar - Another PHP 5.3.x based framework.It's light weight easy to use and fast by default

Still cooking to provide tremendous features... 1. Support for MONGO DB,Cassandra (NoSQL), 2. Separate client side js feamework so that less js and run by default fast, 3. Support for Varnish & akami, 4. Support for Gearman, 5. Support global object caching, 6. Nice debugging using x-debug, 7. Support Query logger, 8. Audit manager lib, 9. APC & HTML caching support, 10. Inbuilt support for pear packages(phploc,phpmd,phpcs), 11. Nice support for unit testing 12. Support ADO layer,phing,propel in

Vmcontroller - Virtual Machine Controller

VMController is a general purpose open source and cross-platform virtual machine controller. At its current state, VirtualBox is the only supported hypervisor but we plan to support any other hypervisor with exposed APIs like VMWare, in future. With VMController you can write powerful scripts to control, manage, monitor, operate and administrate multiple virtual machines using powerful APIs via XMLRPC. Browse the unstable source. (The master branch contains _old source code_ by David) ExampleRun

Strpc - SoTinyRPC (STRPC) - minimalistic HTTP based remote procedure calls

What is itSoTinyRPC is made to be as minimal as possible RPC implementation for HTTP based servers and clients. It also tries to solve all of headaches that some other RPCs were giving me. SamplesExampleHighScoresList NumbersStringsArraysExample (try it interactively online) - you can see how easy it is to debug STRPC server with your browser. MultiplayerGameIntroducerExample (made for discussion of indiegamer forums) AjaxMooToolsExample (Your can simply call STRPC over Ajax too - without any li

Opyholdem - Python integration for OpenHoldem

About OPyHoldemOPyHoldem is a dynamic library (dll) for OpenHoldem. Now you can run all your bot logic with Python. OPyHoldem is fast, using native C python api for integration, and runs its own interpreter instance for every OpenHoldem session. The code might have some hints from AdamM openholdem-xmlrpc-dll since i first used his lib but found it a bit slow getting symbols and incompatible with multiple sessions (it could work with some alterations). At this point i decided to take my own route

Tornadorpc - Python libraries for XML/JSON RPC using the Tornado Framework

THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED TO GITHUB.OverviewThis library is an implementation of both the JSON-RPC and the XML-RPC specification (server-side) for the Tornado web framework. It supports the basic features of both, as well as the MultiCall / Batch support for both specifications. The JSON-RPC handler supports both the original 1.0 specification, as well as the new (proposed) 2.0 spec, which includes batch submission, keyword arguments, etc. There is also a base library that other RPC protocols could

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