Xmlos - Manage IHM to build web based systems trought XML Os

The IDEA : XML OS provide an framework based on XML definition of differents IHM to manage your database. WHY : 'Because at first we imagine, and conceptualize, and then we want to create - the simplest way is allways the best' 1 - You need to develop systems based on a database with frindly applications interfaces ? You need to do this quickly, and you dont want to work (developpers dream) ? You can create a complete management interface who manage a few tables with management in a few minutes by typing xml déclarations of the database. 2 - We need to provide quality, no bugs ? Our tools generate clean applications with no bugs : . tested on IE, FireFox, Opera, etc... . charge tests . functionnal tests . unitary tests . performance tests 3 - Independence ! . Your code is 5-10% of specific language and 90-95% XML. You can more easily migrate your project to another specific language. . We generate web applications - maximum portability for end users . Framework and technology can be updated and your code will allways be compatible WHAT : XML OS provide a real developper kit of plenty functionnalities : - Bug Tracker - Auto-binding database on more than 15 type of inputs (calendar, wysiwyg, images, combo, files, passwords, tree view with check box ...) - Full templating package - Full packages for start your system : (user and rights management, contents - news - pictures galleries, user tracking) HOW : - Using all the best technologies XML, CSS, XHTML - Analyzing and the most popular CMS (Joomla, Drupal and others) and improving their functionnalities, optimizing their system - A full object and conceptual system NOW : Comming soon as a stable version - September 2007



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