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XMLNode is a library that represents the XML in an easy to use object model. It has STL adaptors to ease traversing and transforming the XML. XMLNode is geared towards data driven XML as opposed to document driven XML. It is still a work in progress.




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Mimicmocker - Java util to store and simulate method execution results.

Code injection framework to provide method result caching -XML config to define which classes and methods should be injected -Cached method results stored in files -Possibility to define conditions when cache should be invalidated Example of usage Architecture: (Your app) ----- (Content Manager) ----- (Database) Context: app debugging Problem: it takes too long to perform all data I/O with content manager and database Solution: cache data from content manager and use cached data for app How-to:

Phpxmlselector - PHP XML Selector Library

NoteI wrote this library for my project Queslite(http://queslite.com), it's a solution for questionnaire auto genarate. It translate user input into XML, then use xlst to translate XML into HTML to display. Queslite is totally coded by PHP 5.2+, I wrote the xml selector for that to make a easy way to find XMLNode, set and get its value, attributes. Use this library, you could select xml note like using jQuery. Although I just implement some simple features of jQuery, it would be useful for you w

Javaxmlnode - java xmlDocument xmlNode


Apex-fast-xml-dom - Spring 10 Apex Dom classes are nice on saving script statements. But they are li

Why another XML DOM Library (After Spring 10)?SFDC Spring 10 release came up with 2 nice DOM classes named XmlNode and Document. You must be thinking why you need another XML Dom wrapper after that. This section explains the need. Before Spring 10Apex was always missing an easy to use Xml DOM API. Ron Hess did a great job to provide an Apex class called XmlDom. The design of this class was similar to standard DOM. So there was no new learning curve involved. This class is a great asset if you ar

As24x - partial e4x support for as2

Project DiscontinuedThis project never made it past a proof of concept, simply because I don't need it, and nobody else seems to, since AS2 has basically died out. Should you be interested in the project, then send me an email or create a ticket. DescriptionThis library allows e4x-ish access to XML in AS2. VERY EARLY VERSION, api may change!!! Many changes to come, notably: try to get closer to AS3 API, where it makes sense proper support for text nodes (getter for text, hasComplexContent etc.)

Indivision-codebase-as2 - Indivision Codebase for Adobe Flash AS 2.0

Indivision Codebase for Adobe Flash AS 2.0The Indivision Codebase for Adobe Flash AS 2.0 is a collection of light-weight, basic user interface, layout, loading, media and data classes. net.indivision.arrangeThe arrange package contains a number of classes that provide arrangement methods similar to the Align window available in the Flash IDE. net.indivision.controlThe control package contains classes for handling various forms of user interaction (ie. buttons, scroll bar, generic menu). net.indi

Eschew - Even Simpler C-Heuristic Expat Wrapper

ESCHEW - Even Simpler C-Heuristic Expat WrapperOVERVIEW:Eschew is a simple tables constructor + runtime XML parser wrapper based on Expat. The typical usage of Eschew is to read/write application options from an XML configuration. The primary goal of Eschew, and what differentiates it from other XML wrappers, is its ability to instantiate arrays for holding XML values that are readily available at compilation time, just like any other standard C array. This unique feature makes the use of Eschew

XML-Node - Release history of XML-Node

Release history of XML-Node


light xml parser (c++)

vice-versa, a philosophy rather than a library

vice-versa projectevery browser has some good feature: it could be performances, it could be something "not standard yet", it could a feature ready for ECMAScript 5. vice-versa project aim is to bring good stuff from every browser into a single, cross-browser, lightweight, JavaScript file. PhilosophyArray.forEach(document.all, function(node, i, all){ // vice-versa project});As a JavaScript Ninja I have to deal on daily basis with hundreds of different problems because of "this or that" browser i