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Lightweight XML encoding library for Java, optimized for performance.




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Wse-php - WS-* functionality for PHP

Libraries for adding WS-* support to ext/soap in PHP.Currently provides support for employing WS-Security and WS-Addressing when using the native PHP 5 SOAP extension. The WS-Security library also requires the use of the xmlseclibs library which supports XML-DSIG and XMLENC.

Netflexity-amazonws-ec2 - SOAP-based Amazon AWS EC2 API for Java

Another Amazon AWS EC2 wrapper?Yes, this is yet another wrapper for Amazon EC2. There is nothing wrong with typica; I love this project, it help me get familiar with Amazon Services. Despite the REST hype, I still see SOAP + WS standards as a much more mature platform for enterprise development. Second, there needs to be an authority that keeps APIs in synch with latest Amazon AWS WSDLs. I would like to utilize my development team to help become such an authority, hopefully with your help. And b

xml-enc - XML Encryption

XML Encryption