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xmldb provides an easy and efficient way to persist, manipulate and translate xml documents using libxml2, libxslt and pgsql.




Related Projects


Php class for creating, reading and managing XMLDB databses


A Fast, in memory, Java based XMLDB implementation.

Xml-toolbox - XML library for Java

The XML Toolbox provides helper utilities and wrappers for handling of XML documents in Java : Extra URI resolvers for XML documents and entities (e.g. from inside JAR files or XML:DB resources) Java 1.5 generics enabled XML:DB API helper classes XML object models converters (from and to DOM, SAX, XOM, XPP...) XML:DB unit testing classes and helpers (e.g. automatic setup and disposal of an in-memory XML database) Schema validation utilities (e.g. Schematron) XSLT and XQuery unit testing framewor

Xmldb4java - db xml for java

XmlDB for javaUse:Copy this file dbxml.properties in the classpath of your library. Set xmldb.connection Code: Configuration cfg = new Configuration(); cfg.buildConfiguration(); SessionFactory sessionFactory = cfg.getSessionFactory(); Session session = sessionFactory.getSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Cellulare cellulare = new Cellulare(); cellulare.setDettaglio("12345666767882"); Contatto contatto = new Contatto(); contatto.setCognome("Cognome"); contatto.setNome("Nome")

Xmldbdeveloper - XMLDB Developer

The XMLDB developer aims to be an integrated development environment for Oracle XMLDB.

Blackbird-dms - A Data Management System for Creating Enterprise Applications

A Zope3 Framework for creating python applications to manage structured (rdbms) and versioned unstructured data. providing application or content services for authentication, indexing/searching, versioning, auditing, translation, workgroups. It utilizes best of breed tools from across the opensource community, including zope3, python, xapian/lucene, subversion. in future we hope to add support for libxml/libxslt and sleepcat/oracle's xmldb. Its fully functional as a python wsgi managed applicati

XML:DB Initiative for XML Databases

XML:DB provides a community for collaborative development of specifications for XML databases and data manipulation technologies. Along with each specification an open source reference implementation will be developed to validate the ideas.

Football-statistics - Football statistics

Football statisticsSemestral project for the PB138 course on Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University. Project members:Peter Jurkovi� (387026) Martin Kuric (208156) Mirón Michalko (359201) Dominik Janků (359588)

Existdb-contrib - Repository for experimental eXist-db code

Kind of playground for code that might be integrated with the eXist database in the future. Not now yet. Let's call it potential eXist-db goodies... FeaturedThe exist-modules.jar of eXist-db 1.4 with all extensions enabled. eXist-db Custom Protocol Handler Classes to deal with xmldb:exist// style URL's. With these classes it is possible to download (get) and upload (put) documents from/to the eXist-db using standard Java classes (java.net.URL). Another Set of Custom Ant Tasks (ASOCAT) A set of a


Montag is a Web Services based system for interacting with XML Databases that provide a Java implementation of the XML:DB API. So, it permits heterogeneous SOAP-enabled clients, written for different platforms and languages, to operate over XML Databases