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XMLData reads and writes XML files to a python object with all the tags and attributes bound into the object namespace.




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Ingenio - Online wysiwyg General Purpose Editor

Online wysiwyg General-Purpose-Editorwysiwyg editing with support for xml-data and XSLT transformations.

Foodwatcher - inofficial mensa app for Bremen and Bremerhaven

Don't get hungry, keep watching! With FoodWatcher! The FoodWatcher app shows menues of the Studentenwerk Bremen, Germany. Therefore it reads Xml-data generated by the FoodSupplier. http://foodspl.appspot.com

Yrphp - PHP class to make it easier to retrieve weather data from Yr (www.yr.no)

This project aims to make it easier to retrieve data from Yr (www.yr.no). The class included uses PHPs SimpleXML to parse the XML-data retrieved, and includes functionality to retrieve all available data provided by Yr. It also includes a simple, but well-functioning, cache function to relieve stress from both the local server and the servers hosting Yr.

Ampache-squeezecenter - Ampache plugin for SqueezeCenter

OverviewSqueezeCenter plugin which allows browsing and playing of music residing on a remote Ampache server. This effectively allows for a remote SqueezeCenter catalog. News03/07/2010 - Ampache Plugin v1.4 ReleasedUpdated for Squeezecenter version 7.4.x - Moved plugin under Internet Radio menu since Music Services is no longer available. 07/11/2009 - Ampache Plugin v1.3 ReleasedRestructured how prefs are stored Automatically reload plugin after configuration changes 06/28/2009 - Ampache Plugin v

Chronicle-xml - Software and XML-format for the representation of complex time structures

Chronicle is a new universal system for representing time-related data. Although the system was developed for the representation of symbolic music, it is readily applicable to other types of data with complex time structure, such as audio, multimedia, poetry, choreography, task scheduling and so on. Different levels of complexity are supported. The lowest level deals with a stream of events ordered in time. Subsequent higher levels add the possibility to organize the data in groups and subgroups

Pyxmlcheck - XML validation tool for Python

xcheck 0.4.4 -- Tools for validating XML in Python xcheck is used to validate xml in Python. No other code is required. XCheck objects can: use different rules to determine the content of XML elements validate ordered and unordered elements xcheck objects are callable, and can check: real data strings that represent real data ElementTree.Element objects Text representing an ElementTree.Element object There are a few rules about the assumptions xcheck uses. xcheck is designed to validate XML-Data

Hackystat-sensor-xmldata - The XML data sensor

The XmlData Sensor is a "generic" sensor that supports transmission of sensor data from a client to a SensorBase service when when the sensor data is represented in XML format. The XmlData Sensor comes with instructions on how to configure its use with: The XML output from SCLC. The XML output from Ant using its XmlLogger.

Alfresco-generate-reports-with-jasperreports - Alfresco server-side javascript service to generate J

Server-side javascript service to generate Jasper report from XML data-source which is generated by FTLHow it works- create FTL which will be executed agains Alfresco repository that will produce XML data-source - create Jasper report using iReport and place it on repository - use Server-side alfresco javascript to execute FTL and execute alfresco-jasper-report service with provided jasper-report node Installationcopy jar libraries to your /alfresco/WEB-INF/lib/ folder alfrescoJasperReports.jar

Velocity-sample-application - Velocity Sample Application

This is a Velocity Sample Application showing examples 1)Web Page, 2)Mail merging (Send Email) and 3)Processing XML Data

Firstpixel-as3 - Action Scripts Utilities Classes

Classes for developing on Flash Action Scripts. These are for my personal projects and are here for the sake of avalability, despite the use is pretty simple , there is no documentation or support, so use it if you want, but don't ask me. Utils: Collection - A collection Object Array Class. XMLDataLoader - load xml. StringUtils - Utilities for String format. CountDownTimer - Countdown clock that dispatch Event when reach time. SendAndLoad - Does like as2 sendAndLoad but dispatches events.