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Up to now, most ontologies are created manually, which is very time-expensive. The goal is it, to produce ontologies automatically via XSLT, which fit as good as possible to a given XML-file resp. XML-Schema-file.




Related Projects

Owls2wsdl - The Translation of OWL-S atomic process signatures to WSDL

One of the most unregarded topics in the area of OWL-S is the top down approach of the WSDL Grounding. The translation of an atomic process signature implied the translation of the in OWL-DL defined parameter types. The tool interprets referenced OWL concepts as SimpleTypes or ComplexTypes. Collected OWL properties and restrictions are interpreted as elements. The translation tool GUI provides an semi-automatic approach, that allows the user to specify a primitive basetype for each element type,

Oiaw - Ontology in a Wiki

Ontology in a Wiki is a simple but flexible Scala library + program to express ontologies in simple Wiki markup and build both OWL and Topic Map renderings based on Wiki pages Just executing ./oiaw -f OWL -s test.wiki -t oiaw.template -b "http://www.budabe.eu/oiaw/test#" -o /tmp/oiaw2.xml will generate the corresponding OWL ontology Of course, you can also do the same starting directly from the raw version Wiki page on the web: ./oiaw -f OWL -u "http://www.egovpt.org/fg/oiaw_test?action=raw" -t

Owlreasoner - JavaScript Semantic Web Toolkit

Welcome to the JSW Toolkit Project Page!IntroductionThe project has started as an attempt to create a browser-hosted (i.e. JavaScript) OWL reasoner. However, implementing a reasoner required to create an OWL parser first, and we chose OWL 2 XML as the syntax. Additionally, the project has been extended to allow working with A-Box data by using conjunctive queries. For that purpose, a SPARQL parser (although yet limited) was created as well. And, since OWL itself relies on several other standards

Oroboro - Lightweight Java RDF Processing

Oroboro is a lightweight Java RDF processing framework. Its design focuses on rule-based data extraction and integration tasks involving moderate datasets, targeting common use cases while striving to remain as simple and flexible as possible. Compact task-oriented API and scriptable command-line shell Simple RDF model with pluggable datatypes and sets navigation Datalog query/update engine supporting OWL RL and XPath 2.0 Functions Codecs for common RDF serialization formats XML/XSLT processing

Python-dlp - A library of tools which leverage FuXi and rdflib for various informatics tasks

FuXi has been moved to a new Google Code project: hg source python-dlp will mainly consist of applications built on top of FuXi and layercake: Agentem (an agent protocol for Semantic Web Architecture ) Telescope a RIF-BLD XML parser and serializer ClinicalOntologyModules (libraries for segmenting, aligning, and merging modules from reference clinical medicine terminology) Triclops (SPARQL server implemented as a Python library using Python Paste and wsgiutils as a WSGI application) Reference imp

Owlverbalizer - OWL verbalizer: making machine-readable knowledge also human-readable

OWL verbalizer is a tool that converts an OWL ontology into an Attempto Controlled English (ACE) text. It can handle complex OWL formulas such as man and (not (own some car)) and (own some bike) SubClassOf inverse (likes) some ({Mary})by turning them into natural English sentences such as: Every man that owns a bike and that does not own a car is liked by Mary .This conversion is designed to be reversible, i.e. one can convert the ACE representation back into OWL so that no loss in meaning occur

Dlog-parser - An efficient C++ based OWL 2 XML parser

This parser is part of the dlog-reasoner project, but developed as an independent product. The parser is fast, memory efficient and robust.

Ontology-browser - An OWL Ontology and RDF (Linked Open Data) Browser

Ontology Browser allows you to navigate around OWL ontologies and Linked Open Data online. Try ItTry browsing one of these examples: pizza ontology Ordnance Survey's Manchester BBC elephants Or, load one of your own ontologies then add a link on your own pages to your ontology for others to browse: http://owl.cs.manchester.ac.uk/browser/ontologies/?action=load&clear=true&uri=http://www.example.org/ontology.owlFeaturesLoad content from anywhere on the web Browse OWL ontologies and/or RDF Linked O

Wsx-project - web semantics extension

PreviewA new method, by which it can distribute program or computing and explain semantics language, it can communicate with web services also. What can this project doparse xml construction by semantics and logic meaning xml program transfer How it realizevs 2008 c# RelatesPlease check the downloas tab to view some materials Further WorkXML基因转�: 解方程,2+x=9,x=? 逻辑的推�,我-是-男人|= 男人-是-我 匹�和等价性:把一个XML树倒置�立=》2中格�匹� XM

Xmlnaiad - An XML Macro Processor

Naiad is a framework for creating macros in XML. It utilizes XProc and XSLT to carry out the expansions and an Ontology to store relationships. The specification and the implementation is currently being developed side by side which means that the framework is still far from a stable release. For a formal introduction, have a look at this wiki entry. The primary objective of this project is to provide a framework for creating the next generation of web applications built entirely on XML technolo