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This project will consist of a series of scripts/programs to convert data in XML form to data in LDAP/LDIF form.




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Cern Root debs for Ubuntu/64 and 32bits

FOR DETAILED INFORMATION GO TO http://cernrootdebs.sourceforge.net Packages of Cern Root software for Ubuntu/64/32bits. This package is going to be installed on /usr/local. Enabled: minuit2 roofit unuran tmva from 5.34.01 Enabled support for asimage, astiff, builtin_afterimage, builtin_lzma, cintex, explicitlink, fftw3, fitsio, gviz, genvector, krb5, ldap, mathmore, memstat, minuit2, mysql, opengl, python, reflex, roofit, shadowpw, shared, ssl, tmva, unuran, x11, xft, xml.

Php-rfc-3986 - PHP RFC 3986 Validator

AboutA simple PHP class for validating RFC 3986 URIs. Example<?phprequire_once('RFC3986URI.php');$uris = array( /* Valid URIs. */ 'ftp://ftp.is.co.za/rfc/rfc1808.txt', 'http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt', 'ldap://[2001:db8::7]/c=GB?objectClass?one', 'mailto:John.Doe@example.com', 'news:comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix', 'tel:+1-816-555-1212', 'telnet://', 'urn:oasis:names:specification:docbook:dtd:xml:4.1.2', /* Invalid URI, will throw an exception. */ '\\foo',);foreach ($uris a

J2EE Adapters

The project aims at developing J2EE Connector Architecture 1.0 Compilant Resource Adapters for integrating various EIS's like XML files, XML DB, LDAP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, Point Of Sale, Properties File, Office Documents

PhP Attributes

Set of PhP function, simplifies developing WebInterfaces for managing data stored in database, xml files... Can be used to simplify: 1. Managing information inside databases 2. Configuring Applications and WebServices running on Server Example LDAP

Os-emarket - PHP framework study on a sales online website

Welcome on the OS-eMarket projectIntroductionOS-emarket is a project of a MVC PHP framework. the framework is design on some concept from Rails. My goal is to understand MVC, Web 2.0 with Ajaxian process, and to transform an initial project into a reusable framework to create agile php web applications with no tricky skill in PHP. DetailsFirst, I've created a demonstration application on wich I build the framework "online". actually, the things integrated are: Internationalization (i18n), Templa

Gmail2ldap - Provide gmail contact to thunderbird (using ldap)

SummaryProvide a synchronized copy of gmail contacts to thunderbird using a local ldap server InstallJust unzip somewhere Linux: gmail2ldap$ chmod u+x gmail2ldap.sh ConfigureGo to the 'config' dir and rename accounts-sample.xml to accounts.xml. Edit accounts.xml with your own email/password. RunWindows: Linux: gmail2ldap$ gmail2ldap.sh SynchronizeCheck your system tray, right click on icon...

Java-ws-discovery - A WS-Discovery implementation written in Java

A cross platform Java implementation of WS-Discovery as described in the specification draft from 04/2005 (http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/04/discovery/). For compliance with the WS-Discovery standard 1.1, please use the latest beta (available in Downloads). NEW 04. nov. 2011: Beta of new release available in downloads. WS-Discovery is a Web Service discovery protocol that uses UDP multicast and SOAP/XML to discover new services. It is one of several technologies used in Microsofts WSDAPI and

Openpasl - Open PHP Application Support Libraries. Simple, loosely-coupled libraries to get common a

Openpasl seeks to deliver a set of clean, simple, and loosely-coupled libraries that don't require developers to build their applications around some bloated, all things to all people, framework. Openpasl is not an MVC framework. Some day openpasl may include several MVC models that can be used for quickly building out applications targeted at the web GTK or other presentation layers. However, this is not an explicit goal. There are common needs for applications and there are patterns of repeate

Rubycas-server - Single sign-on authentication for enterprise web apps

RubyCAS-Server is an implementation of the server-end of JA-SIG's CAS protocol, providing a cross-domain single sign-on solution for web applications.OverviewRubyCAS-Server gives you:A stand-alone central login page where the user enters their credentials (i.e. their username and password). A mechanism for validating the user's credentials against various backends (a table in a SQL database, ActiveDirectory/LDAP, Google accounts, etc.) A back-end validator where CAS-enabled client applications c

Enterprise-inventory-system - This is a hardware inventory application that stands the tests of time

This is a hardware inventory application that stands the tests of time. It allows systems to be linked with others and keeps track of the applications running on them. Featuresvery simple XML files stored on a SQL database all abstracted with DBI LDAP authentication ActiveDirectory and RFC2307 LDAP databases supported mod_perl2 based on top of Apache2 really fast! system is OS agnostic code follows modern MVC framework mentality and it was written from scratch (no framework used) on top of Class