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Documentation and sample programs for the SwiXML library (swixml.org).




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Screenshot-maven-plugin - Create Java Swing screen shots as part of your Maven build

IntroductionThe screenshot-maven-plugin is used to generate screen shots from Java Swing applications for two purposes. One is to include the screen shots in the JavaDoc of your classes. The other is to create screen shot galleries that are uploaded in a Content Management System to be accessed when producing documents including screen shots such as user manuals and technical documentation. The usual way to create screen shots is to start the application, navigate to the desired screen, use the

Android-query - Simpler Coding for Android

Android QueryAndroid-Query (AQuery) is a light-weight library for doing asynchronous tasks and manipulating UI elements in Android. Our goal is to make Android coding simpler, easier, and more fun! Documentation API Demo App, Sample App (SimpleFeed), SimpleFeed Source. javadoc Android Development Blog Download jar, Release Notes Discussion Group GitHub Why AQuery?Less Code AJAX Callback Image Loading XML Parsing Chaining Binding Authentication In-app Version Check Alleviate Fragmentation Multipl

Sdmxdotnet - The .NET library for SDMX

What is SDMX.NET?SDMX is a large and complex standard which makes creating SDMX-capable applications a difficult and error-prone activity. Using an SDMX specific library, which is an accurate implementation of the standard, will enable developers to create robust and production ready SDMX applications. SDMX.NET is that library.‬ Completely open source. Produce and consume SDMX from any data source (like Excel or Database). Accurate implementation of the supported SDMX artefacts. Written in C#

Appcorelib - Open Source Flex Application Core Library

About AppCoreLibUseful classes for building scalable Flex RIA's. AppCoreLib is a collection of useful classes that facilitate easy RIA development with regards to XML based data being pulled in. The general approach is that an application needs to load various content/setting files prior to loading the UI. Through a series of simple checks, an application can then load the UI once those dependencies have been loaded or alert the user if they have not. AppCoreLib provides simple XMLDataBroker cla

Clnote - Powerful Note application

CLNote IntroductionCLNote is a note application can enrich your note experience. The basic feature for CLNote is, you can add "Text","Photo"(earlier release),and even "Audio/Video","handwriting"(later release) to your notes. And for the second feature, you can synchronizing your notes with Google Docs. For more planned functions, in the later release, you can: Add "Todo","Events" to your note,and synchronizing with Nokia Todo and Events. View and manage your calendar Detailed Introduction 1.CLNo

Cmisspaces - CMIS Spaces: Multi-platform/Cross-platform Flex based RIA Clients for CMIS content mgt

Coming soon: CMIS Spaces Mobile for iPad and Android tablets (in addition to existing desktop AIR, Flex in Browser, and portlet versions) 1st test version of CMIS Spaces Mobile for Android is now available for download (iOS iPad/iPhone version can be built from common cmisspacesair-mobile-app source project) CMIS Spaces RIA clients (Flex+AIR, Flex+Browser) are for ECM / CMS servers supporting the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard. Also has UI independent ActionScript A

Aimp-control-plugin - provides network access to AIMP player

This is plugin for AIMP player - the best free audio player in the world*). PurposeImaging you have computer with good audio system(for example, your desktop computer) and want to control playback from your notebook, smart phone or whatever. All you need is to launch AIMP player with this plugin and open plugin's page in your browser! FeaturesConvenient installer Web-based interface in Russian and English Support for all modern desktop browsers Customization of the appearance of playlists for ea


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Semanticflash - Semantic Web Framework for the Flash Platform ( Flash, Flex, AIR et Al )

Genius + Eye Candy = Semantic Flash Boost your Flash/Flex/AIR apps with free data from the Semantic Web! AboutThis project is in incubation state ( no public releases yet ). Please join the discussion group to participate: SemanticFlash@Google Groups The basic I/O framework ( RDF-XML ) is working and the original version of this project ( owned by univrz consulting ) is being used in commercial applications. However, for time constraints, we are not releasing anything to the public yet. MissionO

Pp-word-predictor - Software that allows users with limited mobility to be able to more accurately a

Right now this is an experimental project as we investigate supporting development of our projects OverviewThis goal of this software is to allow users with limited mobility to be able to more accurately and quickly input text into a computer. This software is intelligent enough to offer suggestions for the user based on context and the characters inputted so far. For implementing the word level prediction, the application reads input text files, that can be all the documents in the users local