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XML-Lit is a simple language-independent literate programming system that works with any XML-based markup language.




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Lits3 - Small and fast library for Amazon S3

LitS3 is a library written in C# that provides comprehensive and straightforward access to Amazon S3 for .NET developers. NotablyGives you typesafe objects instead of raw XML Well-documented, highly optimized code Uses the more efficient REST API Currently supports most S3 features Works in Mono+MS (see MonoNotes) S3Service: A one-liner APIvar s3 = new S3Service{ AccessKeyID = Settings.Default.AccessKeyID, SecretAccessKey = Settings.Default.SecretAccessKey};s3.ForEachBucket(Console.WriteLine);//

Html2fb - Python html to FictionBook converter, converts html to fb2

Python library and tools to convert from html file into FictionBook 2 (XML) format. Command line and GUI version. Check out the GettingStarted guide. See http://haali.cs.msu.ru/pocketpc/FictionBook_description.html for more information on FictionBook format. For other input formats (non-html) consider taking a look at http://code.google.com/p/ooofbtools/ which uses Open Office (which provides support for many more input formats). Thanks to Alexander I. Evseev who wrote the initial version of the

Super-memo--convertor - Form the data file that can be imported into SuperMemo

SuperMemo is a learning method for fast and solid memorization. The goal of this project is to convert all kinds of data formats into that can be imported into this software for further study. Conversion from DICT.CNDICT.CN is an Online Chinese-English English-Chinese dictionary. Besides, it also allow the user to store unfamiliar words in a web-based notebook. Additionally, a simple interface is provided for the user to review these words for memorizing them. However, while the number of words

Simple-spring-memcached - A drop-in library to enable memcached caching in Spring beans via annotati

IntroductionDistributed caching can be a big, hairy, intricate, and complex proposition when using it extensively. Simple-Spring-Memcached (SSM) attempts to simplify implementation for several basic use cases. New version 2.0.0 with bunch of new features is available! Please check release notes. This project enables caching in Spring-managed beans, by using Java 5 Annotations and Spring/AspectJ AOP on top of the spymemcached or xmemcached client. Using Simple-Spring-Memcached requires only a lit

Freediscovery - An open-source document review and production database.

TechnologyLanguage C++ GUI Library Qt Database SQLite CapabilitiesView Text Files and Images Link to Native Files Full-Text Searching of Document Content (via FTS4) EDRM XML Import and Export SQL Export Similar ApplicationsOpen-Source LitMan Proprietary AccessData Summation LexisNexis Concordance ContentSample Data ZL Technologies, Inc. EDRM Icons Crystal (LGPL)

Parxmler - C'est un projet qui lit les fichiers XML.

La première version du logiciel devra inclure les fonctionnalités de base d’un outil d’édition et d’interrogation d’un fichier XML : consultation de la structure et des données du fichier; modification des données du fichier; création d’une structure XML; ouverture et sauvegarde des fichiers XML.

Qtcocoon - QT Cocoon XML Publishing framework on Local-PATH

QT Cocoon is an open source XML Publishing framework. It's modelled after Cocoon (java)/ Popoon (php) and is completely written in C++ and QT. Write XML pipelines to generate documents or report from ODBC or any sql driver supported by QT. to connect on Database on top from sitemap you write. <map:components> <map:scheme name="dbconnect" path="mysql://user:pass@localhost/DatabaseName/ConnectionName" type="yes" /> <map:scheme name="dbconnect" path="mysql://user:pass@localhost:3306/DatabaseName2/C