XML Import and Export Utilities for Java

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Simple low level XML Import and Export Utilities for Java




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Liquidiser - File-level .blend reader library with sample .blend->.m3g converter

Liquidiserhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquidiser AboutLiquidiser allows you to read .blend files and have access to all raw data from a java application. A converter to M3G JSR-184 file format (with an additional XML file for all data which the M3G can't store) is also provided which uses M3X (https://m3x.dev.java.net/) for exporting binary files. Statusfull access to data stored in .blend files (including Blender 2.5 and later versions) partial implementation of accessibility layer (it'd be im

As2-class-exporter - A utility that extracts the names of the classes compiled in a set of swf's

This .NET utility extracts the names of the classes compiled in a set of swf's, searches a defined classpath to find the referenced classes and copies the .as files found in said classpath to an output folder chosen by the user. What problem does it try to solve?Actually, a problem that I've frequently run into in many Flash projects. Often, I place the classes and packages for a project inside a "fla" or "src" folder, so the code is accessible to the fla files, which live in that same folder, w

J2swf - Java library for parsing and generating Flash SWF files (aka JavaSWF)

UPDATE - June 16, 2011 - I could not escape Flash. I'm finding that I actually need to resurrect and use the j2swf and (maybe j2avm) tools for a commercial project. I don't want to continue writing Java, so I might start adding new code in Clojure, or lift the whole thing up into a model and use code-generation. I'll write a new post when things are figured out. See http://epistemologicalengineering.blogspot.com/2011/06/update-to-status-of-flash-projects.html J2SWF is the ongoing maintenance and

Isara - ISARA's a minimalists hypertext preprocessor file system manipulator

ISARA is a file manager written in PHP. (Planned) Features:cut, copy, paste, create, rename, view and edit files and directories (not complete implemented) set file/directory permissions (planned) zip/unzip files (planned) uploads (planned) php5+ compatible / as much as OOP as possible (rewrite in progress) I18n (english, german etc.) mimetype icons / images thumbs (in progress, by antibushist) Security:Works with PHP classes only (no shell/exec) input filter (planned) Standards:outputs clean XH

Pyfan - A fanfou.com wrap in python.

About Pyfan(派饭)咳咳,最近在写毕业论文,Pyfan改的一团糟,暂时�工啦~ Pyfan(派饭)是一个python写的fanfou命令行客户端。中文手册。请注�pyfan还未对普通用户�好准备。 Pyfan is a python class interact with fanfou, and a command line front-end. Please note that pyfan is not quite ready yet for general use. Get PyfanVersion 0.0.7 is a alpha version that almost works. Packages for windows is list on downloads page. There is also a single .py v

Littleware - java based client server node/asset tree

Welcome to Littleware!What is littleware?Littleware is a collection of java libraries that implement several utilities, applications, and services. First, littleware provides application infrastructure like a simple module system with dependency injection (via guice), bootstrap and shutdown (with a little OSGi), JAAS authentication, and other support for GUI, JNDI, CLI, and web applications. Another aspect of littleware is a node-store service that exports client APIs (currently via RMI) that ma

Pdfubar - GUI PDF Analyzer

Update 22 Nov 2011: My former employer (General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems) believes that it owns the intellectual property associated with this project. After well over a year of their being aware of it's creation entirely on my own time, it's distribution under the GPL, and even it's inclusion in their approved training materials as FOSS, they have requested that I remove any downloads from this site. I completely disagree with them and I believe they are mistaken. However, given th

Al-lib3d - A simple 3d library

I started this library in 2005 when I bought a GP2X (an open-source, Linux-based handheld video game console and media player). This library implements some basic functionalities like rasterization, texture mapping, import of ASE models, XML models (XML files can be exported using the OgreXMLConverter). I'm thinking about adding new functionalities...

Mmade - MMADE is a Mathematica DocBook exporter.

This package helps ease the pain of exporting DocBook XML equations, figures, and tables from Mathematica. DocBook is a file format that can be transformed into PDF, HTML, and other formats. DocBook accepts many different formats for equations and figures. Among them are MathML, PNG, and PDF. Manually creating all these different versions of a figure or equation would be time consuming. Tables containing symbolic math considerably multiply the magnitude of the problem. This Mathematica package i

Userinfoex - UserInfoEx is a plugin for the instant messanging client Miranda-IM. It provides an adv

This is plugin for Miranda IM.UserInfoEx intends to give Miranda IM PIM-functionality (Personal Information Manager). Therefore it replaces the built in contact information dialog of Miranda IM, in order to enable the user to edit most information of his contacts locally, export or import them to or from files and being reminded of anniversaries. FeaturesThe main task is to customize many contact information locally. Shows whether an information is customized or not by the text colour in the det