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xml-holidays introduces an XML document type for expressing international holidays and it also provides actual holiday definitions for many countries.




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This API calculates the holidays for a given year, country and region or lets you provide your own holiday rules. Uses XML files for storing the holiday data. Uses JODA date/time API. Supports Europe, North/South America, Australia, Russia, India ...

Buncha-toolz - Just a Bunch of Tools by Joner Cyrre Worm

Colection of small tools, utilities and scripts to sysadmins, to GNU/Linux and any other stuff, like Google Gadgets, daylight saving time, VirtualBox firewalling and bash scripts. brst_carnival_fix.sh: provides Carnival holiday exception rules for zoneinfo configuration files of Brazil/East and America/Sao_Paulo Brazilian Daylight Savings Time (see wiki documentation). pfwbabel.bat: generate firewall port forwarding rules for Windows and Virtualbox (see wiki documentation). autorun_disable.bat:

Cp3003-g18-11 - Dream: Your Ultimate Virtual Online Shopping Experience

Is your life boring…? Are you stressed…? Do you toil at work day-in day-out with minimum return for your efforts…? Is there too much reality in your life…? Do you Dream for something more…? Well Dream no longer… The No-Namers endeavors to deliver to our audiences the ultimate virtual online shopping experience sure to capture your every “Dream.�#11;#11; Our extensive product range offers a diversity of Dream packages stretching from your perfectly indulgent holidays, right through to a

Madura-date-time - Allows configuration of holiday dates and a simple API to figure out if a date is

This provides an extensible framework for figuring holiday dates and similar anniversaries. Some of these dates may be mondayised, some not, and some, like Easter, are tricky to calculate. The holidays are configured in an XML file that specifies which days are holidays. A number of generic definition classes are already included but you can add your own calculator for a specific holiday if you need to. See the MaduraSoftware page to see how the Madura products fit together.

Colormanager - Color Manager is color palate management application. It very use for designers, spec

Color Manager is color palette management application. It very use for designers, especially web designers. It lets you create a Palette for each project. It stores data in an xml file. You need mono and gtk# to run this application. Version 1.0.1 is released on 13-Mar-2010 To develop and extend it you need MonoDevelop. 0.1 version is based on .net 2.0. All future versions will based on 3.5. Future Plan:Add name with color so that it will be easy to recognize ( like backgroud-#fff) rewrite using

Mlouie-igthemes - Melissa Louie's iGoogle Themes

A place to host iGoogle themes (XML and images) that I am developing, using the iGoogle Themes API. See the ThemesList for more information and links. Quick list:Chinese PapercutsDescription: A theme with traditional Chinese animal and floral designs. Papercut patterns based on designs from "Chinese Folk Designs" by W. M. Hawley (Dover Publications, Inc.) Variants: Dynamic version (changes daily, cycles through the seven skins below) Static, Carp/Teal (Sunday skin) Static, Rooster/Yellow (Monday

Smiltext-javascript - The smilText JavaScript project

The purpose of the smilText JavaScript engine is to provide an implementation of SMIL 3.0 smilText functionality within an HTML browser. This release has been tested with Firefox 3, IE-7, Opera and Safari. The smilText engine has reasonably complete coverage of the features defined in the SMIL 3.0 SmilText External Profile. The smilText JavaScript engine allows source content to reside within the HTML markup (NB: not supported by all browsers), in a local file or on a server. Access may be via f


Scrape Hong Kong Gov Public Holidays Website. Provides group by year display and csv, xml download format