XML-DBM - lightweight XML database

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XML-DBM: lightweight embedded database to store, query and modify XML content without time and memory overhead of re-parsing/re-dumping original XML.




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The Apache Portable Runtime provides enough functionality to serve as a true base for a standard library for Lua applications. Since Apache 2.4 will be including Lua by default, it seems extremely convenient to create a large general library that has as its only dependency the Apache libs. Supported functionality will include: Sockets/HTTP/SMTP UUID generation Database/DBM support Date parsing XML/HTML parsing Filesystem information and reading Character set conversion and identification Expansi

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For more information, please see the "Wiki" page.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FeatureFor the Serial Console You can input commands in the serial console. For the emulated environment ARMware now can emulate the ARM architecture version 4 Instruction Set. Add a dynamic compiler. Add a threaded code optimization technology. Brief IntroductionARMware, like VMware or Bochs, is an emulator for a hardware platform. Opposite to the x86 plat

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