XML Copy Editor

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XML Copy Editor is a fast, free, validating XML editor.




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Editor for Fixed Width, Csv and Existing Xml files.

XML Explorer

XML Explorer is an extremely fast, lightweight XML file viewer. It can handle extremely large XML files. It has been tested on files as big as 300MB. It allows fast viewing and exploration, copying of formatted XML data, evaluation of XPath expressions, and XSD schema validation.

Fsd2contenteditor - FSD2 Content Editor

FSD2 Content EditorA application to edit FSD 2.0's fsd2content.xml via a GUI FSD2 Config Editor - http://code.google.com/p/fsd2configeditor/ Requires DotNet 4.0 UsageJust copy your fsd2content.xml from /fsd2data/ and load it into the application

Compactxml - An alternate XML syntax, based on python inspired significant whitespace.

SummaryCompact XML is an alternative syntax for representing XML files. It uses indentation to indicate nesting to give a python like feel, XPath based prefixes to identify nodes, and has a macro system to shorten common XML constructs. It is intended for writing element based XML files, especially those where the XML elements share a common structure such as XSLT files. This package includes a parser and bidirectional converter for converting from this compact XML syntax to XML, and from XML to

Javascripteditor - zeeba

Java Script EditorTo develop a project for Java Script Editor with the following features. Syntax Highlight Line Numbering Folding Intelligence Code snippets Undo/Redo Quick Find Find & Replace Open, Save, print script file Cut, Copy and Paste GoTo Line Make comments Tool strip Keyboards Shortcuts Autofocus to Intellisense partial match word Customize the syntax color Drag and Drop open Separate XML configuration file

Nle - Nitro Level Editor: A lightweight and easy-to-use level editor for your 2D games.

Nitro Level Editor is a lightweight, versatile and easy to use XML-based level editor for two-dimensional games or applications. NLE uses OpenTK to render all graphics and utilizes the hardware GPU for maximum performance. The editor exports user-placed images into an easy to read XML file for your game or application. FeaturesLightweight Fast OpenGL renderer Loads and saves to an easy to read XML format Supports most image formats (BMP, GIF, EXIF, JPG, PNG and TIFF) Multiple object selection an

Sylma - XML Based PHP Framework

This is the PHP/XML PlatformThe main principles are : Edit all your site from a web interface Use one type of datas that need only one interface to be updated Our choice has been naturally turned to XML, for his large implementation on the web and his good support on PHP. InstallationPre-Requested is an apache PHP Server with the following extensions enabled: DOM, XSLT, Rewrite, GD2 and the .htaccess use right. In major cases, only XSLT and Rewrite need to be explicitly activated. eXist-db, a fu

Whizzy - Whizzy lightweight Content Management System

Whizzy CMS is a really simple content management system, with a tiny footprint. Making a template, or adapting an existing one, is trivial. The default template supplied is highly configurable and able to support thousands of variants. Whizzy CMS has the simplest install imaginable - copy one file and go. Whizzy stores its data in XML files and does not require a database. It is very fast to deploy for small sites, but capable of growing to many hundreds of pages. Whizzy CMS includes a WYSIWYG e

Nibbleblog - BLOG Engine - Blog CMS

Nibbleblog it's a powerful engine for creation and manipulation of BLOG's completely free. Very simple to install and configure (Only 1 step). The database used is based on XML files and this way it is not necessary to use MySQL or similar DBMS. It is recommended for the beginner user because of the ease of installation and configuration and also it is very good to advanced users because of its flexibility and control. NibbleBlog is open source under GPL license and so it is highly modifiable th

Xcode-tokens-from-qtdocs - py script to parse Trolltech's Qt HTML docs for tokens for use with X

Qt API Documentation in XCodexcode-tokens-from-qtdocs Qt Documentation -> AppleRef Tokens.xml generatora python script to parse Trolltech's Qt HTML Documentation for tokens to be used in Xcode ContextFor developing Qt (Nokia's / Trolltech's cross platform C++ application framework) on a Mac, there are some useful tools, like qmake, which can help you to generate an Xcode project through this command:% qmake -spec macx-xcode Also the Qt Frameworks installs itself nicely in the system, so Xcode ca