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Xmind come from Eliza, a simple chat bot. Xmind is a mind self chat system. Human being can talk with me. Xmind can record mind change, upload the history, and generate RSS information. Xmind learn from mind record, create question.




Related Projects

XMind API for C#

XMind API is a tool set for generating XMind workbook files from C#.


Popular brainstorming and mind mapping tool,Eclipse Community Award 2008 winner,often used for capture ideas,knowledge/project management and GTD,supporting fishbones/org-charts/tree charts/spreadsheets,compatible with Freemind/Mindmanager,easy-to-use.

Todo-xmind - Extract todo list from xmind a file

"xmind" is a popular mind map software. It is convenient to write my idea down on a tree. This tool may help manage list of actions attached on the idea tree. Note: I quickly built this tool, and I haven't try above method by myself.

Xmind3 - Brainstorming and Mind Mapping

XMind is an open source project that contributes to building a cutting-edge brainstorming/mind-mapping facility, focused on both usability and extendability. It helps people in capturing ideas into visually self-organized charts and sharing them for collaboration and communication. Currently supporting mind maps, fishbone diagrams, tree diagrams, org-charts, logic charts, and even spreadsheets. Often used for knowledge management, meeting minutes, task management, and GTD. XMind is dual licensed

Xmind-merger - XMind map merger

XMind map mergerПрограмма дл� �ли�ни� не�кольких пакетов формата Open XML. В ча�тно�ти, о�новной целью программы �вл�ет�� �ли�ние интеллект-карт (Mind map) формата Open XML. С�ылки Office Open XML Open XML Developer

Xmind2modx - convert xmind to modx

Creates SQL file from xmind file. Very usefull for creating test sites. For example in xmind you create something like Just imagine how mutch time you will need to make this structure on via standart modx site admin panel? With this program it will take few seconds. App will parse xmind file, find this structure and will create series of SQL insers queries, thay you may execute on your database. Thank to Xmind developers - they made very cool app.

Mashup-briansun-vip-webnews - News of xmind.org 3.0

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Freemind-ja-localization - FreeMind日本語化(Nihongo localization)

有志ã�«ã‚ˆã‚‹freemind日本語化ã�«é–¢ã�™ã‚‹æƒ…報共有場所ã�§ã�™ç�¾åœ¨ã�®å¯¾è±¡ãƒ�ージョンã�¯ v0.9.0 ã�§ã�™è¨³èªžé�¸æŠž/訂正検討ã�«ã�¤ã�„ã�¦ã�®ç›¸è«‡/è­°è«–ã€�関連ファイルã�®é…�布ã�ªã�©ã‚’è¡Œã�ˆã�¾ã�™ã€‚ 興味ã�‚ã‚‹æ–¹ã€�何ã�‹ã�®å½¢ã�§å�”力ã�—ã�¦ã�„ã�Ÿã� ã�‘ã‚‹æ–¹ã�¯ã€�気軽ã�«Project ownersã�¾ã�§ã�”連絡ã��ã� ã�•ã�„(ã�Ÿã� ã�—ã€�ã�”å�‚加ã�„ã�Ÿã� ã��ã�«ã�¯googleアカウントã�Œå¿…è¦�ã�§ã�™ï¼‰ ※以å‰�ã�“ã�“↓ã�«ã�‚ã�£ã�Ÿæƒ…報を順次移行済ã�¿ï¼ˆã�—ã�°ã‚‰ã��ä

Freeermind - Freemind clone, cobbled together using jython, swt and rhino

NewsTue Jun 16 09:32:58 CEST 2009Making some progress, soon I'll start hacking the mindmap. When I finally get draw2d to play nice.... IntroThere are tons of mindmap applications (freemind, xmind) out there, but only a handful of them are under gpl or some other open source licence. I used to work with freemind, but the code is sloppy and unreadable e.g. the event handling stuff seems to be painful to maintain. Glitchy undo system. Nonetheless, freemind is a good, free product, all-in-all. After

semantics - xmind for semantics

xmind for semantics