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XMill is a user-configurable XML compressor. It separates structure, layout and data and distributes data elements into separate data streams (int, char, string, base64, etc). This distribution is user-definable. gzip, bzip2 or ppmdi compresses these str




Related Projects


XWRT (XML-WRT) is a high-performance XML compressor (it also works with textual files). It transforms XML to more compressible form and uses zlib (default), LZMA, PPMVC, or lpaq6 as back-end compressor. It is similar to XMill, but has many improvements.

Database Integration System

Objective of the proposed system is, introduce a reusable, extensible heterogeneous database Integration tool. Integrated Query, Import Export amoung defferent databases. Export data compressed by XMILL

X-mill - image search library

This project start develop open-source image search engine

Dbit - An Extensible Platform Independent Database Integration Tool

Database Integration Tool is groundwork for extendible, open-source, platform independent database integration tool. Database Integration Tool has rich set of functions to have stimulus experience on interconnected database environments. It can be used for data migration, data management, data cleansing, data synchronization and data federation. It is autonomous and can be extended to connect with many Database Management Systems. Product is also incorporated with less storage utilizing data arc