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xmi2code: A roundtrip code generator for UML xmi files. Handles Umbrello Output.




Related Projects

Xmi4dotnet - A reflector plugin that outputs XMI from selected .NET assemblies.

Convert your .NET assemblies into XMI for easy import into UML tools like Poseidon for UML. This code has been designed to work with Reflector for .NET 5, and .NET 2.0 assemblies. InstallationTo install this you will need to do the following: Download Reflector for .NET Download xmi4dotnet.zip (latest version) Extract assembly from zip file Run Reflector Add xmi4dotnet as an addin Open your assembly Select your assembly From the Tools menu select Export to XMI Find more details on SwinBrain Usag

X2a - A MDA code generator

This is a code generator based on PHP and Smarty. This program takes XMI file (XML format for UML model) and tranlate it into a set of programs.

Gennaproject - Source Code Generator for UML Models

Genna is a source code generator for UML 1.4 models. Genna is written in Python, and uses the Cheetah Template Engine for source code generation. The input format for UML models is XMI 1.2. Genna supports code generation for static structure and dynamic behavior present in UML models. It currently supports code generation for class hierarchies, state machines (in the context of classes) and activity graphs (in the context of class operations). Only Call Events and Time Events are currently suppo

Emf4cpp - Eclipse Modeling Framework for C++

What is EMF4CPP?EMF4CPP (formerly Ecore2CPP) is a C++ implementation and type mapping for the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) core, the Ecore metamodel. The current release allows to generate C++ code from Ecore metamodels, and to parse and serialize models and metamodels from and into XMI documents. Also, a partially implemented reflective API for generated metamodels is provided. EMF4CPP consists of two parts: a source code generator from Ecore metamodels to C++ and two runtime support librar

Moten-util - Miscellaneous java and scala utilities

FeaturesThere are multiple artifacts deployed to the moten-util maven repository (see below). These artifacts and/or svn source code collectively offer a number of features including: UML2 Class Diagram Generator for Eclipse 3.5 Oracle Ant tasks (including LoadJava and SqlPlus) kml 2.1 and 2.2 jaxb generated classes jaxb generated classes for XMLSchema.xsd (xsd-jaxb) SOWPODS word list lookup maven artifact Mandelbrot fractal viewer and movie generator using DoubleDouble for extra precision Sampl

Xmi-to-sql - SQL Generation from the Specification in UML and OCL by extracting XMI

Xmi-to-sql is meant to be a free library that is capable of converting an xmi file to an sql code. SUMMARY: This project is my final bachelor project. The implementation is meant to be for an Enterprise Architect (v 7.0 and above) project exported as XMI version 2.1. For proper generation the project has to contain a Class Diagram and its version transformed to DDL. INSTALLATIONIMPORTING A LIBRARY FROM SHELL javac -classpath .:/pathtojar/jarname.jar ClassName.java java -classpath .:/pathtojar/ja

UML Model transformation tool

UML transformation tool; developed in Java and XSLT; Runs on any java 1.3+ platform. Environment for code generation from UML models, based on XMI, e.g. to J2EE, webservices, xml schema; New generators (xslt/java) can be plugged in. www.modelbased.net

Acsccg - Alma Common Software Component Code Generator

Alma Common Software Component Code GeneratorACS is a complex framework, as it relates to the creation of new components, whether implemented in Java, C++ or Python, and is a very repetitive task of creating these components, so here is where code generator speeds up the development process by predefined metamodels, in this case, UML diagrams in a XMI 2.0 format standard, a Model Driven Code Generator (MDCG). One of the main objectives of this project, is implement a Java component code generato

Laurentiudascalu - Laurentiu Dascalu's projects

IntroductionProjectsTeam projects1. Temelia2. Moondance UML Modeller3. CLIPS interpreterPersonal projects1. Hi5 Statistics2. Image Processing Tool3. Scheme projects4. E-Museum5. Numerical mathematics6. Others IntroductionThis project's goal is to share the applications I wrote so far; individual or in team. Currently, I'm pursuing Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Faculty of Automatics and Computers from University of 'Politehnica' Bucharest, and I enjoy doing interesting things related to

Koios - Koios MDA Framework

Koios MDA FrameworkMissionThe main goal of the Koios project is to bridge the gap between design models and application development. Koios is a lightweight, easy-to-use framework that can convert models (typically UML) into a Java object model, which can in turn be used to generate application artifacts. FeaturesModeling API - A simple, intuitive Java object representation of a UML model Code Generator - Quickly generate application artifacts using any type of model App-in-a-Box - Everything nee