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XMedia is an XML framework to manage a large collection of media files like CDR, Images, Video, MP3, etc. XMedia does for media what DocBook does for documentation. See http://xmedia.sourceforge.net/




Related Projects

Xxplore - Exploration, seach and analysis of semantic data

This work was co-funded by the X-Media project (www.x-media-project.org) sponsored by the European Commission as part of the Information Society. It supports exploration, seach and analysis of semantic data. Data are elements of RDF/OWL ontologies, which are manually added to the system using an annotation tool or extracted from documents and web pages. For search, a combination of semantic search and classical index-based search is also supported. Technologies (IST) program under EC grant numbe

Mproject - my project

This is the reposity of my project

Xmediachen - 测试google code 的 SVN

测试google code 的 SVN,用起�还是很方便的��

Semsearch - A keyword-based semantic search engine for semantic web portals

Semsearch is a keyword-based semantic search engine, which aims to wrap up the complexity of semantic search and make it suitable for naive users who are not necessarily familairy with the problem domain or with the specified query language. Semsearch subscribes to a layered architecture of the search engine, which comprises five layers: i) a Google-like query interface, which provides a straightforward way of specifying queries usering multiple keywords; ii) a Text search layer, which locates t

Jweb1t - Java API for text n-gram frequency data in Web1T format

version 1.2.1 released! (Changes) version 1.2.0 is released! (Changes) jWeb1T is an open source Java tool for efficiently searching n-gram data in the Web 1T 5-gram corpus format. It is based on a binary search algorithm that finds the n-grams and returns their frequency counts in logarithmic time. As the corpus is stored in many files a simple index is used to retrieve the files containing the n-grams. jWeb1T has been developed by Claudio Giuliano at FBK for the English Lexical Substitution Tas

Lena - LENA - a Fresnel LEns based RDF/Linked Data NAvigator with SPARQL selector support.

LENA - RDF/Linked Data BrowserLENA stands for LEns based NAvigator. A lens represents a particular view onto RDF data and is described by the Fresnel Display Vocabulary. LENA enables viewing RDF data in your web browser, rendered according to the lens descriptions you provide. LENA supports the use of multiple lenses and indicates if they are available for a resource, so that a different view onto the same data is always just one click away! To write lenses for complex RDF structures created thr

XMedia - RSBuddy media

RSBuddy media

xmedia-smallboy - LCC 4730 Experimental Media course at Georgia Tech

LCC 4730 Experimental Media course at Georgia Tech