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XMD is a program for performing molecular dynamic simulations on metals and some ceramics materials at the atomic scale. It models atomic energies and dynamics using user defined pair potentialsl, EAM potentials and some hard coded potentials.




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Headertool - A mozilla firefox plugin for changing headers

Header Tool IN ORDER TO HAVE ALL LAST FEATURES, KEEP YOU UPDATED WITH LAST VERSION DOWNLOADABLE HERE. ADDONS.MOZILA.ORG STILL PUBLISHING AN OUTDATED VERSION. Using this tool you can easy modify header on each HTTP call on the Mozilla Firefox. The tool is based on the same main stream idea of modify header but use a more simple text editor interface more quicker do edit and to store and save for multiple and repeated test cases. As example you can save your header in a simple txt file and reuse i

Zyqmmm - A QM/MM code

QM/MM code based on mechanical coupling scheme, developed in C++ Compatible with VASP, TB, XMD and Paradyn. Carries out atomistic relaxation, MD simulation or NEB calculations, allowing multiple QM zones and on-the-fly zoning or updating external constraints.

Xfmd - Displays Winamp information as your XFire status

DescriptionDisplays Winamp information as your XFire status. It can also grab lyrics and album art from the internet. NewsAdded hiding lyrics and deleted old resources. WebsiteXFire Music Displayer

Chixmdlib - Chi-XMDLibrary - An implementation of the Chi-X Europe market data API in C# .Net

Chi-X MD Library is an open source C# implementation of the market data API from Chi-X Europe (http://www.chi-x.com/) multilateral trading facility. The API is known as Chi-X MD and the feed itself runs over a point to point connection and distributes level 1 and 2 market data in real time by providing all orders and executions generated on the exchange each day. The library decodes the messaging, it is up to the implementing application to build an order book. This library implements the Chi-X


specification for an extensible markdown file (xmd). Implementations in JS, PHP, Python, ... coming soon ...

xmd5 - custom md5

custom md5


generate a md5 of the data stream passing md5pipe


Bootstrapping code for the Cortex-A9 on the Zedboard based on an open source toolchain (except XMD for debugging/loading the binary onto the board)


Holding Alt+Desktop Index (e.g. Alt+1, Alt+2...) switches between desktops.Keystroke Alt+Ctrl+Desktop Index sends the active window to selected desktop (e.g. Alt+Ctrl+2 sends active window to the second virtual desktop).Right Clicking on tray icon and selecting "Hide Icon" hides the mDesktop tray icon while the application is still running, allowing you to have a "boss" workspace.mDesktop has a 300-400KB memory footprint, making it the most lightweight option out there![![](https://cloudup.com/c