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Projects written in C# for Microsoft's .NET platform devoted to XML technologies. *** This project is now defunct. Please see the NDoc (http://ndoc.sf.net/) project for the latest version of DOC.NET. ***




Related Projects

Tic-tac-toe-app - Tic Tac Toe

This version of the popular game Tic Tac Toe for the Android platform lets you test your skills against the wits of the robot. Put three X-marks in a line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally before the computer can line up three O-marks and you win. Also Tic Tac Toe contains three different difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard. Version 1.1 2011.06.28 Saybel Alexey <pyjioh@gmail.com> added New style Localization (English/Russian) Version 1.0 2010.10.11 Saybel Alexey <pyjioh@gmail.com> Ver

Jxmarks - Display your Xmarks in Joomla!

JXmarks is just a simple module that loads shared bookmarks from Xmarks and displays it in Joomla. More information about this project: Homepage at cecilomar.com Not yet listed at joomla.developers.com Is pending approval.

Minimal-bisimulation-cyclic-graphs - Source code of the experiment

This project contains the source code of our experiment in the paper "Maintenance of Minimal Bisimulation of Cyclic Graphs".The codes is written in JDK1.5 and we use XMark to generate the test data. In order to run the program, you also need to include the following files to your classpath: jdom.jar openjgraph.jar log4j-1.2.15.jar

Google-chrome-tab-sync - Sync your tabs between Google Chrome browsers

This extension adds a button to your browser toolbar. Click the button whenever you want to restore the tabs you've opened by another computer's Google Chrome browser. The extension create a bookmark named "Google Chrome Tab Sync" and save all URLs of current opened tabs when one tab changed or closed. To achieve this goal, you must open the option "Bookmark Sync" of your Google Chrome browser (please update the Google Chrome browser to the latest version), so that another computer's Google Chro


A simple mobile version of XMarks

Smoothgestures-chromium - Smooth Gestures: a google chrome extension providing mouse gestures for li

DescriptionAdd Mouse Gestures to the Google Chrome web browser. Hold down the right mouse button to draw gestures on the screen--activating actions, such as page navigation or tab management. CHANGELOGSmooth Gestures: Plugin0.8: bug fixes, added support for 32-bit 0.5: added support for windows and mac on top of linux. save page, open devtools Smooth Gestures0.15.8: content updates, marketing preferences options, apache 2 license change 0.15.4: translations, unicode export, bugfixes 0.15.3: tran


X Marks the spot