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perl-based scripts to transform xml'ish files. It has scripts to scan C text, make some xml'ish intermediate form, transform the xml'ish data, and it has scripts to spit out the xml'ish data as html or docbook.




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Xrns2XMOD - a renoise to mod / xm converter

Xrns2XMod is a tool that convert a Renoise song file (.XRNS) to MOD or XM format

Binbase-tools - A couple useful tools for the BinBase database

AboutThe BinBase database system is always in the need of some minor tools, which are not required for the actual running of the system. These tools will be found in this project General InformationsAll these tools are command line based and if you happen to get an Out of memory exception you need to adjust the memory settings. For example to assign a gigabyte of ram you need to start the program like this java -Xm1024m -jar NAME To assign 8GB of ram under OSX you need to execute the program the

1sctools - Web Tools for Battleground Europe game.

«1SC/BeTools for Battleground Europe» es un proyecto que pretende servir de herramienta de monitorización para jugadores de «Battleground Europe» que partió y tiene como base el apoyo logístico a la (1SC) 1st Spanish Company. «1SCTools for Battleground Europe» is a monitoring project for players of «Battleground Europe», from and have goal to provide an logistic support to the (1SC) 1st Spanish Company. Requerimientos (Requirements)Navegador Web compatible con estándares y soporte XM

Womoon - Ovulation cycles editor for women

Project DescriptionWomoon is a helper tool for women who want to control their fertility cycles. It saves everyday's observations regarding e.g. temperature and displays the temperature chart in one-month periods. Users can also attach a note to each day, specify if there was a sexual intercourse or not (which may be helpful for those who plan to have a child) and specify some physical conditions of their bodies. TechnologiesThe diagram is rendered using pycairo. Observations data is saved in xm

Blopengine - basic c++ opengl 3d engine, bunch of handy classes

What is itThe blopengine is just a basic C++ 3d framework, just some bunch of usefull classes. Its trying to give you an easy 'start' for your demo/game whatever. Its just a basic rendering loop and some loading of files. It has some OO MVC thingies, which can provide clear code or no benefit at all. Since this is abandonware, there might be some interesting classes for you. Features3DS model import fontmap support 3DMAX plugin for exporting camera chases logging & output methods MVC characteris

Tabulasoftmed - Tabula is a REST based java web framework

Tabula is a Java Web Framework, comprised of several subprojects, such as a server and GUI tools. Right now there is a preview version of the server available for Windows and Linux. The framework is based on SOFEA, removing the UI responsibilities from the server to other applications. The server itself deals with business logic and persistence, among other issues. In order to expose this functionality, there is a REST service layer, implemented with the RESTlet library. I've created a simple XM

Preprocessor - Preprocessor - A Preprocess Tool for Java

Preprocessor - A Preprocess Tool for JavaWelcome!Welcome to the Preprocessor project! FeaturesIt based on ant copy task. supports the following files: Java/JSP HTML/javascript/CSS XML Properties files supports file encoding specified supports filtering Sample.java //#ifdef CUSTOMER1private String abc = "abc";//#elseprivate String abc = "cba";//#endifbuild.xml <project name="sample.project" default="war" basedir=".">\t<!-- Initialize -->\t<!-- Pre-processor output directory -->\t<property name="t

Nitrotracker - A Fasttracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS

Nitro-wha?NitroTracker is a FastTracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS. If you didn't understand that, you might want to read up on trackers. For starters, NitroTracker is a versatile tool for creating music - everywhere! It supports the popular XM file format that is used by many PC trackers and that can be played on many PC audio players such as Winamp or XMMS. For more info, check out the ... HomepageNitroTracker's official home is at http://nitrotracker.tobw.net Looking for coders!Do y

xmLP - Literate Programming with XML

xmLP is a literate programming tool for generating source files from source fragments embedded in human-readable XML documents. For details about what literate programming is, see quot;http://www.literateprogramming.com/quot;.

Image2css - Convert images (png, gif, jpg) to Data URI CSS classes

Image2CSS-Converter has moved to github.comnew location The purpose of Image2CSS-Converter is to stream-line the process of generating data URI for use in CSS files. There are several online tools that allow you to upload images and receive a screen full of Base64 text. This tool allows you to batch script the process on your own machine. Features: Command line interface for Linux or Windows Generate CSS file containing Data URI CSS classes Convert single file or entire directories of images to