XL Programming Language

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XL (eXtensible Language) is a general purpose compiled programming language. XL doesn't force you to use a limited set of concepts (such as quot;objectsquot;). Instead, it can be extended (through libraries) to use the concepts that are natural to your a




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MegasXLR OOP Team work

OOP team work project

Xlr8 - accelerate rails public dir hosting using s3 and cloudfront

SummaryThis gem accelerates your rails public directory by transparently pushing it out to an edge-cache at deployment-time. Will allow you to serve assets superfast to all your customers. Requires that you have an aws account, and sign up for amazon s3 and cloudfront. Usage\trequire 'xlr8/capistrano' # add to your Capfile\trequire 'xlr8/tasks' # add to your RakefileCreate a RAILS_ROOT/config/xlr8.yml: bucket: "my-bucket" aws_access_key_id: <blah> aws_secret_access_key: <blah>That's it! How it W

Audeal - Small form, network capable live mix system

Small form, network capable live mix system, consisting of two main elements: a control surface, and a mix engine, which are connected via an ethernet connection. The surface shall have two banks of faders (8 and 4) and shall work in 4 layers. the surface will largely be 'dumb' and only handle operator input. The Mixrack shall be housed in a (TBC)U rack space, and have 32 XLR inputs, and 8 XLR outputs mounted on the front. the mixrack will house virtually all DSP operations.


G3 and XLR Stats


Personal Training Web Application

xlr8r_downloader - Enables a user to download the latest music posted at xlr8r.com

Enables a user to download the latest music posted at xlr8r.com


An Arduino shield which allows for both DMX and Ethernet communication, using a wiz812 module and a simple dmx interface with XLR3 connector

xlr8r - A turbocharger for ruby 1.8

A turbocharger for ruby 1.8