Excel add-in for functional programming

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Functions to create functions.




Related Projects

XLW - A C++ wrapper for the Excel C API

XLW is a C++ wrapper for the Excel C API described in the Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's Kit. It makes xll programming automatic. Its powerful interface will empower your C, C# or C++ numerics by embedding them in Excel just like the built-in functions.


XLL4J is a framework for developing excel addins in Java without the need to compile any C++ code.

Excel add-in utility routines

Various useful routines for Excel.

Excel xll add-in library

The xll library makes it easy to create high performance Excel add-ins with integrated documentation for any version of Excel including 64-bit.

Emso-xll - EMSO Supplement for Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010.

EMSO Supplement for Microsoft ExcelThis supplement is an extension of Reconciliation Tool in EMSO Simulator in Microsoft Excel. It is compiled with MingW32 cross-compiler. This is an alpha release, which contains some issues. Therefore, use it with caution! Related Projects:EMSO: is a process simulator and optimizator and it can be found at http://www.enq.ufrgs.br/trac/alsoc XLW: is an open-source implementation of EXCEL API and it can be found at http://xlw.sourceforge.net MINGW32: is an open-s

Pyinex - A project to embed Python in Excel

Pyinex is a project to embed the Python interpreter in Excel. This is in contrast to the usual approach to linking the two systems, in which Python scripts run in an out-of-process COM server and Excel makes a cross-process call to use Python functionality. In Pyinex, Python runs from a DLL in the Excel process space. This embedding offers the advantage of speed (no cross-process calls) and reduced fiddliness. There is no setting up of COM servers and their associated security - you simply write

Openquant - Market backtesting and quantitative analysis platform

"Hack the Market"IntroOpenQuant is an open source backtesting and quantitative analysis platform for time series financial data. It offers a simple tradesystem development framework using open financial data from Yahoo. Quick StartIncluded with the library is a simple command line interface for executing backtests. Follow these steps to set up your own backtesting environment: 1. Download the most recent version of OpenQuant from the downloads section. 2. Unzip to desired directory and start up

final-xll - Financial analytics library add-in for Excel

Financial analytics library add-in for Excel