XML to Java Binding

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XML to Java Compilation and Mapping. Compiles DTDs to Java class hierarchies and provides Java Object to XML binding. This is a two way binding. Very easy to use and very flexible. Does not require a quot;mappingquot; file or specification... Provides Java ob




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BarCode Management System Windows / Delphi 7 1. Barcode Management, generate, print. Supported barcode: Code25, Code39, Code128, EAN-UPC2. Label information, user defined fields and etc. 3. User management, user group and rights control. 4. Tree like hierarchy directory menagement. 5. Export to Excel. Currently only in Chinese version. Multi-language version will be relased soon.Login: admin/admin: for administrator user.weihu/weihu: this is the default user.Verion 0.1 download contace me: xjr55