Xsuite (xdrae-xinfo-xedit)

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This is little suite of software write in tcl/tk, provides: (xinfo) graphical interface about system info. (xdrae) interface for R.A.E spanish dictionary, and some extras (translate, doc, verbs, etc,,).Xedit ,simple text edit, Xrun run command in X-11




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When you edit LaTeX, HTML, BibTeX or TeXinfo sources in Emacs, package X-Symbol uses real characters for tokens like \oplus and provides various input methods for them. Thumbnails for included images and real super-/subscripts and are also supported


This is an X-Chat Aqua info script. there are so many forks of the script so we want to unite it now and make it more easy to add your work to the script. Update. This project is a bit on ice. I dont have a Mac to code on at the moment. If there is anyone that want to code on it let me know and i will add to the list so you can upload to here. Update 2012-07-03 I have a mac at home again, and i have seen that the new Ivy Bridge intels do make some problems with the script, so i will start

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OverviewThis is a C# library for communicating with the Authorize.NET payment gateway (using the Advanced Integration Method - AIM). Echeck is also supported. Easy to use Extensible through the user of interfaces Code is clean and well documented Tracing statements so you can see what is being sent/recieved Very flexible open source license April 25th, 2011Added github mirror: https://github.com/skeeterbug84/payment-processor Update February 15th, 2011payment-processor is now available as NuGet