xHarbour Extended Harbour Compiler

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xHarbour is a portable implementation of the xBase language (Compiler amp; complete Run-time libraries). It's practically 100% backward compatible with CA-Clipper 5.2e and 5.3c, and offers many modern language extensions, and extensive Run-time libraries.




Related Projects


eFact is a project framework for Bulgarian small business. In framework include modules for Accounting, Store, Clients, Vendors, Billing, Employee, Generator for Report; WinAPI, xmlParser and dbServer lib base o.'s xHarbour project.


zharbour - xbase, Clipper, harbour, xharbour - unification project.


xHGtk: multplataform GUI library for harbour and xHarbour. Use GTK+ to create programs that can run in Windows and Linux.

Harbour-and-xharbour-builds - Harbour and xHarbour builds

Harbour and xHarbour monthly builds http://www.harbour-project.org http://groups.google.com/group/harbour-devel https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/comp.lang.xharbour

Complements - Complementos para xHarbour

Librería de complementos para programar clases en xHarbour / Harbour / Xailer al estilo Java.

Harbourclick - Harbour/Linux source code reformatter for xbase code

Source code port of Clipper Click to (x)Harbour with support for Linux path and end-of-line characters. Added "Calls to" information in function headers.

Free-ehr - An Open Source Human Resource Management Solution

Free-eHR is an Open Source Human Resource Management Solution Wrtten in xharbour, that covers Company Information, Employee, Leave, Time & Attendance, Benefits, and Recruitment Management with Easy Exportable Reporting System. xHarbour is a practically 100% backwards compatible Clipper Language compiler and preprocessor.

Scm - Sistema para Controle de Mensalidades

Sistema destinado a controle simples de Mensalidades. Com cadastro de Associados, Cadastro de Banco, Cadastro de Setor, Gerador de Mensalidades e Relatórios. Sistema compilado com Harbour ou xHarbour e usa visual grafico da Hwgui, ambos projetos são Open Source.

Tgernfe - TGerNfe

Recupere o XML da nota fiscal eletronica de forma simples e rapida, com apenas a chave de 44 digito da nfe.